Baddesley Ensor Social Club Band

Hire a Baddesley Ensor Social Club Band for your party, wedding, birthday, charity event or event in Atherstone, Warwickshire and have Punch The Air perform live giving your guests an amazing night of live music. Massive songs from George Ezra, The Beatles, Neil Diamond, The Tourists, The Killers, Walk The Moon and more. Contact band leader Andy Starkey to hire a professional  cover band for a Warwickshire live event. 

Baddesley Ensor Social Club Band
Baddesley Ensor Social Club Band


Book a Baddesley Ensor Social Club Band

Live photos of professional party band Punch The Air performing live at this Warwickshire social club. 



Warwickshire wedding venue address:
50 New St,
Baddesley Ensor,

Hire Live Entertainment For A Party

You’ve just said to yourself “I need to hire Live Entertainment For A Party” and that can mean lots of different things to many people. It could be dancers, magicians, DJ’s, celebrity impersonators, live band karaoke and more. To us it means live music performed in an entertaining manner.  Performances that guests want to join in with. To sing and dance-along with us to. Entertaining punters is what we do best.


Hire Live Entertainment For A Party
Hire Live Entertainment For A Party


Indie rock cover band ‘Punch The Air‘ don’t just stand there, staring down at our instruments like some boring old party band going through the motions reading lyrics off iPads. We look upward and forward, engaging with guests on the dance-floor. We don’t use iPads on stage as we know the lyrics, chords and structures to the songs we’re performing by heart. (Surely you should expect this from any professional band you’d book?) We’re jumping around the stage and dance-floor areas always giving a high energy performance. You’ll have the time of your lives when you book live entertainment with Punch The Air. So make sure you contact Andy from the band sooner than later to check on our price and availability for your party.



Hire Live Entertainment For A Party

Our function band don’t read music off cumbersome music stands or tablets like most other bands. We know our songs forwards, backwards, inside and out. Surely you want to book a professional band who actually know their own material right? This way we can concentrate on making sure you enjoy yourselves. We’ll pick people out in the room and encourage them to enjoy themselves. Sometimes we’ll even ask people up on stage to join in with the live entertainment too. This is what it should be all about at your event too.













There’s nothing better than live entertainment at a wedding reception, corporate event, or birthday party. At a wedding it gives the evening a much needed lift after a long day of ceremonies, drinking, eating and celebrating. All your guests will get that second wind and party the whole night long when you hire ‘Punch The Air‘ professional party band as your live entertainment.  


If you want to book live entertainment from a professional party band with years of experience then you’ll find we come highly recommended by hundreds of previous clients. Established over a decade ago in in 2013 we were an instant hit with brides & grooms, corporate clients and party planners. Our mix of indie rock and chart pop from modern day back through to the 1950s means we’re suitable for parties of all ages. Contact band leader Andy Starkey to check on price and availability in your area.









Check out Emma & Edwards wedding reception video that Andy from Punch The Air filmed at and performed at too. Does any other band go this effort to prove to you what they’re capable of when you Hire Live Entertainment For A Party?







And then we have Punch The Air performing at Hazel & Steve’s wedding in the Peak District too. High energy performances whipping guests up into a frenzy having an amazing time together. 



Contact Andy Starkey to hire a band. 

Beer Festival Band

Indie rock cover bandPunch The Air‘ are also available to hire as a Beer Festival Band. We have performed at many ale festivals over the years also including as a Lichfield band at Guildhall Winter Ale Festival. It was our second appearance at this wonderful Staffordshire venue for their bi-yearly ale festival band. Punch The Air performed at the Guildhall for Lichfield Arts many years ago back in 2013 when we first formed our professional covers band. We’ve been asked many times since to return since. But unfortunately our busy schedule performing as a private party band and wedding band has always clashed with this fantastic festivals dates. Recently though the stars had aligned correctly and the time had come for our function band to return once again. Contact professional musician Andy Starkey to hire a band for a beer festival.

Beer Festival Band
Beer Festival Band

Photos and video from this real ale festival.

You can see how well our performances go down at beer festivals in the photographs and video below. Punters dancing, stopping and singing along to our huge cover version hits. ‘Punch The Air’ where big indie rocks. Our professional cover band have hundreds more videos you can view too.



What will we perform as your craft ale festival band.

Punch The Air‘ will perform two sets of indie rock anthems at your craft ale festival. We can also throw in chart music from modern day all the through the decades back to the 1950’s. Big tunes we we can play include the indie killers by Artic Monkeys, Kings Of Leon, Stereophonics, Blink 182, The Killers and more. Also huge hits from The Beatles, George Ezra, Amy Winehouse, Florence + The Machine, The Kinks and more.

Lichfield Guildhall Beer Festival Band
Lichfield Guildhall Beer Festival Band


A beer festival performance is a great opportunity for you guys as potential clients to come and see our indie cover band perform live. We don’t often get the chance to perform publicly due to our heavy work schedule at private parties. You can hear how great we sound live and see what we look like while we’re performing as your indie covers band. Watch our high energy performances and listen as everyone sings and dances along to us. Come and have a chat with us before, in-between or after performances and ask us any questions you like. You’ll soon see why our clients say we’re a top rated party band. We’re incredibly friendly fellows who want you to make the most out of our services when you hire our professional party band.

Book a Beer Festival Band

You can hire our top rated party band ‘Punch The Air‘ for live entertainment as your beer festival band, hire a wedding party band, book a party band. Hire a birthday party band, charity event band or corporate event live band. Simply contact and advise us about your event and we’ll get back to you within two days with our price and availability. Book a wedding band in Staffordshire.



Charity Event Band

Here we are Indie Rock party bandPunch The Air‘ performing for St Giles Hospice charity event band at Baddesley Ensor Social Club, Atherstone, Warwickshire. We helped to raise over £3000 from ticket fees alone with our live entertainment. As a professional band with professional musicians we have also worked along side Water Aid, Teenage Cancer Trust and more. It’s time to hire a charity event band now by contacting band leader Andy Starkey from Punch The Air.


Charity Event Band
Charity Event Band

Why use a charity event band for your fundraiser?

A live band is a fantastic way to help you raise money for your good cause. When you charge a reasonable amount for a ticket it gives guests a reason to feel that your event is actually worth something and so is actually worth attending. ‘Punch The Air‘ are a top rated party band enjoyed by all who can get everyone up dancing all night long. 


If you charge a low ticket fee or even say its “Free entry” there is more chance of guests deciding on the night that they simply can’t be bothered to turn up after all due to poor excuses like:

  • The slightly drizzling weather outside
  • Forgetting to book a babysitter
  • Feeling ever-so-ever-so slightly unwell etc.

So charge for tickets and give guests a good reason to get dressed up and get excited about your event over the upcoming weeks and months. After all they have spent good money on that ticket and will intend to use it.


More guests at your charity event band mean more ways to raise even more money for your charitable cause. You’ll see more tickets sold for raffles and auctions, more guests playing interval games like “Roll A Pound”, “Heads & Tails” Table Quiz” and more.




Live images of our Charity Event Band

As you’ll see from the below images everyone had a great time with us performing live music for their charity at this North Warwickshire wedding venue. We made sure from start to finish that the whole event went off swimmingly smooth. 






Guests loved our selection of classic indie rock covers and hits from the present day back to the 1950’s. There’s something for everyone with hits from Oasis, George Ezra, Kings Of Leon, Chesney Hawkes, Coldplay, Amy Winehouse, The Killers, Queen and more from our repertoire.

Here’s a glowing review from event organiser Sarah Chetwynd.

Band For Charity Event
Band For Charity Event


What you get from us.

We can provide absolutely everything you need entertainment wise at your event. Thats all the bands gear, PA system, mixing desk, all leads and cables, stage and dance-floor lighting. We can handle all the DJ sets in-between taking requests and making announcements. You can even use our microphones for raffles or we’ll do all the compèring for you at no extra cost. We’re incredibly friendly guys who love to get stuck in and help out.


About Baddesley Ensor Social Club, Atherstone.

Baddesley Ensor Social Club is an excellent social club, very modern and clean inside and very well arranged interior to suit a live band performing in there. All the staff and party arrangers couldn’t have been nicer to us. It has a very easy load in practically straight onto the great size stage. There’s a dressing room for the band as well.


Punch The Air highly recommend this venue if your having a:

This Atherstone venue would be great for a Warwickshire wedding band  to perform at an Atherstone wedding reception.

Contact function bandPunch The Air‘ to check on our availability for your fundraising event.

Birthday Party Live Band – Vlog 001

Andy from birthday party live band ‘Punch The Air‘ takes you on a journey of what a professional band get up to preparing for, traveling to, setting up at and performing at a birthday party at Bashall Barn, Clitheroe. Let’s get our indie rock party band tunes on shall we. Contact band leader (and lead singer) Andy Starkey from our top rated party band to check on availability and price to hire a birthday party live band.


Birthday Party Live Band
Birthday Party Live Band


You’ll see the sights, the sounds (and unfortunately the smells) as we travel up North to Lancashire. Having to eat and drink on the road to make up time from getting stuck in traffic jams on the motorway. Then watch a time-lapse of us setting our gear up in this live band venue. Listen to how we make the room sound fantastic during soundcheck. Also check out the high end equipment we use. See what we get up to once we’ve set our gear up. Then watch us performing live indie rock party songs ‘Parklife’ by Blur, Sex On Fire by Kings Of Leon, Don’t Stop Me by Queen. Watch to the end of the live entertainment video and you’ll see our client Tim. He was incredibly happy with our performance. So he left us a glowing review on social media.

If only all professional bands bothered to take the time to show clients exactly what happens in this manner eh?





Hire a birthday party live band ‘Punch The Air’ – More about us

‘Punch The Air’ have been on the live music scene since 2013 and we have a mass of experience handing birthday parties of any size and shape. Our repertoire is a fantastic mix of Indie Rock and pop and rock chart hits from modern days, back through the decades to the 1950’s. Everyone will know and love every single song we’ll perform live for you. Included in the price is 2 x live perfomances (Or one long performance if you prefer), all backline and front of house equipment. You also get iPad DJ services until midnight and even lighting.

Clients review of birthday party live band ‘Punch The Air’

Well, what a night .. The band were ace, enjoyed by all with lots of great comments by all my guests on my big birthday. They really made the night a massive success by performing so many great dance-along tunes. Cheers lads”. Tim Hamlet.





Contact to book ‘Punch The Air’ for your birthday party live band, wedding band or any live event call UK 07794 659405.




Birthday Party Band
Birthday Party Band ‘Punch The Air’

Hire A November 2024 Wedding Band

Are you looking to hire a November 2024 Wedding Band? Well, you’ve most definitely come to the right place. We are ‘Punch The Airindie rock wedding band also covering pop music from all types of popular music from the last 60 years. The Killers, Coldplay, Blink 182, George Ezra, The Beatles, Amy Winehouse…Yeah you know, those sorts of tunes that everyone knows and loves. We guarantee to make your wedding an amazing and memorable experience for you and all your guests. Punch The Air perform all over the UK and we’ll bring along all sound and lighting equipment needed to rock your whole wedding too. Contact band leader Andrew Starkey to check on price and availability to book a party band for your November 2024 wedding reception. 


Hire A November 2024 Wedding Band
Hire A November 2024 Wedding Band

Hire a November 2024 Wedding Band

We’ve got something for everyone in our high octane performances. Massive Classic Indie Rock Anthems from Coldplay, Arctic Monkeys, Feeder, Kings Of Leon, The Killers, Blink 182 and more. Then from the 1950s we’ve got Elvis & Chuck Berry, from the 1960s we’ve got The Beatles, The Monkees and Van Morrison, from the 1970s we’ve got The Buzzcocks, Queen and The Undertones, from the 1980s we’ve got Tiffany, Joan Jett, Bryan Adams and The Human League, from the 1990s we’ve got Chesney Hawkes, Alanis Morissette and The Rembrandts and from 2000 onwards we have Amy Winehouse, George Ezra, Florence + The Machine and loads more in-between from our repertoire. You’ll be glad you decided to hire a wedding band in November 2024.




Punch The Air indie rock band show

Crowd participation is a big part of our show, so come the end of the night at your November 2024 wedding you and all your guests will have hoarse throats and sore feet from all the singing and dancing you’ll have performed with us. When you book indie rock cover band ‘Punch The Air’ for your November twenty twenty two wedding we’ll take care of every part of the evenings entertainment for you, so you don’t need to think about organising anything else yourself.



Included in the price is:

DJ services throughout the entire evening until midnight (Extendable until whenever you like for an additional fee) and a state of the art PA system and lighting rig giving you the best sound and visuals for your special day.

About ‘Punch The Air’ 2024 wedding group.

Punch The Air‘ have been performing at wedding receptions since 2013 and this is what we all do for full time employment. We really know how to put on a great live show and keep guests happily singing and dancing away with us.

We’ve performed everywhere you can possibly think of, such as huge 750 guest venues, small halls, on the back of moving vehicles, in circus tents, in a cow shed on a farm, in castles, on a boat, in stately manors and in marquees so we can handle any type of scenario thrown at us.




Big clients we’ve performed for in the past are Coca-Cola, Lexus, Birmingham City Council, South Staffs Water & Water-Aid as well as many other high profile companies out there. We’ve also performed live at many small corporate parties too. Everyone always has a great 




We know its hard to try and decide on booking a wedding cover band for your November two thousand and twenty four wedding…. Without even seeing them live. This is why we shoot Vlog  videos showcasing what happens from our point of view and what we’re capable of. So check out one of our latest weddings videos below. You might just be able to catch our wedding party band at a public performance if you’re lucky.



Our wedding function band is based in The Midlands wedding band but perform live entertainment all over the country including Staffordshire wedding band, Leicestershire wedding party band, Nottinghamshire wedding reception band, Shropshire wedding band and more areas.  So contact now to check on our price and availability if you need a November 2024 wedding band.

Testimonials of a November 2024 Wedding Band

You can read all of our latest wedding client live party band reviews and you can find older ones below. Head over to Punch The Air Facebook to read over 100 positive reviews.

“Both of us we would like to say a HUGE thank you for being apart of our wedding. You gave the evening the energy for people to be off their seats and dancing! You, along with the band were awesome and everyone complimented your talent, thanks guys!!” – Brittanie & Paul Taylor – Wedding October 2023

“Such an amazing time!!! You guys are the best wedding band ever !!! Thank you so much xxx” Julie Heath – Wedding January 2022

“Thank you for playing at our wedding at Somerford Hall. You were absolutely fantastic and we all had a great time! You created a great atmosphere and got everyone involved. We’ll definitely recommend the band to our friends and family :)” – Ming May Chung – Wedding December 2019

“Thank you so much. You were everything we wanted and more at our wedding. There was entertainment from the band for everyone for the whole evening. Highly recommended.” – Stacey & Sam Wade – Wedding September 2019

“We had a brilliant time, you really got the party going at our wedding. All our guests were dancing to the band all night long! Thanks very much for a fab evening!” – Alex & Paul Watkins – Wedding August 2016 

November 2024 Wedding Band

Need To Book A Cover Band

What happens when you need to book a cover band exactly? That’s a pretty good question. A cover band (Or covers band – Plural) is a group of musicians that perform live music by other artists. A live covers band will NOT perform songs written by themselves.  Said band will perform music of a specific genre (in our case Indie Rock) or from a specific decade. A cover band will not generally dress up to look like the bands they are reproducing the music by. (‘Punch The Air‘ will perform for you in our own smart uniform though). This is different to a tribute band who will generally perform live music by one specific artist and dress up to look like the band as well. Another name for our type of band is a function band, wedding band or party band. Contact band leader / frontman Andy Starkey to check on a price and availability for your party.


Need To Book A Cover Band
Need To Book A Cover Band

So you need to book a cover band for a party, wedding or live event?

Why do you need to book a UK cover band for your party then? If you’re looking to host a party with live music then a covers live band will be ideal for you. A cover party band will perform well known songs all your guests will know and love already. They won’t perform anything too obscure and as stated will not play any of their own material. ‘Punch The Air‘ cover party band are first and foremost an indie rock cover band. We set up in 2013 and have amassed a huge number of live performances and subsequently live videos over the years. Take your time and look over all of our videos and other bands videos. Does any other band have the number of quality professionally shot videos we have? And are they all live too? Chances are they won’t have.



If you are looking to book a band for a wedding, birthday party, corporate event, festival, party or charity event then we’ll be perfect for you. We’ll perform huge live hits by artists like The Killers, Blink 182, Coldplay, Stereophonics, Kings Of Leon, Oasis, Blur and other indie rock songs. BUT we also perform songs by massive pop chart bands and musicians too. Very well known artists like Queen, The Monkees, George Ezra, Elvis, The Beatles and more. This way we can keep all of your guests (Even those who SAY they’re not into indie rock) merrily dancing away to our live performances.



What you’ll get from our function band.

Included in our fee’s are all sound and lighting equipment as we are a fully self contained band. You’ll get two live performances of high energy live music. Or one long performance (We highly recommend one long performance). Also we’ll give you free iPad DJ services when we’re not performing live. This will make sure all your guests dance the entire night away. With hundreds of previous happy clients you can very well understand why we are a top rated rated party band

When not to hire a cover band

If you and your friends and family really aren’t into live rock / pop music and you prefer dance music then you really will be better off NOT booking a band. You may want to consider a DJ instead to spin all your favourite tunes. 

Have professional musicians ‘Punch The Air‘ provide you with live entertainment at your event. Contact to check on price and availability. 







Find A Wedding Band In Hertfordshire

If you need to find a wedding band in Hertfordshire it certainly can be tough as there are plenty of function bands to chose from throughout the home counties in southern England. But there is only one indie rock wedding band that you should chose as your Wedding Band Hertfordshire. ‘Punch The Air‘ are a high energy indie cover band performing classic and modern indie songs. You’ll hear tunes by Coldplay, Oasis Blur, Blink 182, The Fratellis, The Killers, Arctic Monkeys, The Cure, Stereophonics and more form our repertoire. As soon as we take to the stage you’ll see how we are the indie killers of the same old boring wedding entertainment. For your friends and family we’ll add in some modern day pop and classic tunes. Thats George Ezra, Bryan Adams, The Beatles, The Killers, The Human League, Amy Winehouse are more. Contact to hire a wedding band in Hertfordshire and check on our availability and price for you event.

Find A Wedding Band In Hertfordshire
Find A Wedding Band In Hertfordshire

Here’s what you get when you find a wedding band in Hertfordshire called ‘Punch The Air’.

  • Two live performances of high energy indie rock covers and chart pop. (Or one long performance if you prefer).
  • All P.A. equipment & speakers at your Herts wedding. 
  • Lighting rig for the stage area and wedding venue dance-floor.
  • ‘Hard Copy’ Contract.
  • DJ services before, in-betweeen and after live performances so you can continue to dance the night away.
  • Public liability insurance and PAT certification.
  • No agency fees.
  • A professional experience from your initial contact right through to when your event ends.



With over 100 positive reviews you can trust our function band to get the job done and leave lasting memories.

‘Punch The Air’ are a highly recommended wedding band. Both by clients and wedding venues alike. Established in 2013 our covers band have gone from strength to strength over the years. We have over 160 positive review on Facebook making us a Top Rated Party Band. Proving you can put your trust in us makes it easy to find a wedding band in Hertfordshire.


Herts Wedding Band
Herts Wedding Band

Areas covered in Hertfordshire by our wedding band:

Our indie band cover events all of the Herts districts. Including Three Rivers, Watford, Hertsmere, Welwyn Hatfield. Also Broxbourne, East Hertfordshire, Stevenage, North Hertfordshire, St Albans and Dacorum. We even perform outside this area too. So thats perfect if you live close by too. 



Wedding venues in Hertfordshire.

There are already so many great wedding venues in Hertfordshire for a wedding function band performance. With so many new wedding reception venues also being built or converted every year. Some of our favourite include:

  • Ashridge House wedding band, Berkhamsted
  • Grim’s Dyke Hotel wedding band, Harrow Weald, Middlesex
  • Fanhams Hall wedding band, Ware
  • Sopwell House wedding band, St Albans
  • Knebworth House wedding band, Knebworth
  • Brocket Hall wedding band, Welwyn
  • Mercure Letchworth Hall Hotel wedding band, Letchworth
Southern England Wedding Band
Southern England Wedding Band

Luckily our Indie Rock Cover Band also travel all over the UK performing Live Entertainment so you can book a Bedfordshire wedding band, hire a Cambridgeshire wedding reception band. Also find an Essex party band, Greater London function band, book a Buckinghamshire wedding band. We are also available to book for wedding band, party band. Furthermore hire a birthday party band, corporate event entertainment, Christmas parties and more. Contact for price and availability to hire a wedding cover band.







Find out more on our Facebook business profile. 

Last Minute NYE Band

Professional musicians ‘Punch The Air‘ last minute NYE band are available for your 31st December 2024 party into 1st January 2025 party.  Book a professional party band with the experience and talent to give your guests the end of the year they deserve on the biggest night of 2024. Don’t let this key date in the year get away from you. Twenty twenty four into twenty twenty five is going to be one amazing night you’ll never ever forget. Contact band leader Andy Starkey to hire a hugely entertaining, high energy New Years Eve function band right now. We can only be one band at one venue per NYE, but there are thousands of New Years Eve parties every year. So contact ‘Punch The Air’ ASAP to avoid us already being booked up by someone else. 

Last Minute NYE Band
Last Minute NYE Band


Last Minute NYE Band prices start from £1999 and include:

  • Live performances until 12:30am
  • DJ sets from event start until 1am
  • Bands full backline
  • PA, speakers, mixing desk
  • Lighting
  • Hard copy contract
  • No agency fees (Savings you at least £400)

For New Years Eve performances ‘Punch The Air‘ play a massive selection of hits from modern day (George Ezra, Coldplay, The Killers, Walk The Moon) all the way through the years back to the 1950s and 1960’s (Rick Astley, Elvis, Beatles, Neil Diamond, The Monkees). Our repertoire shows that we play a great mix for all your guests and we are also able to tailor our sets to the audience on the spot as we perform live too. If it’s time to keep it rocking, we’ll keep it rockin, if it’s time for a slow number, we’ll chill it out. We know what your guests want to hear and when they want to hear it.


Punch The Air‘ have been performing as a Last Minute New Years Eve band since our inception all the way back in 2013. We have performed at Casino’s, pubs, bars, restaurants, hotels. If you’re holding a paid for ticketed event then speak to us about how to price your tickets at a great price and still be able to turn a nice profit for your business. Book a top rated party band for your NYE party.

Areas that last minute NYE band ‘Punch The Air’ are available to hire in:

Contact party bandPunch The Air‘ for your last minute NYE band.

NYE Party Band
NYE Party Band

New Years Eve Band

Hire a New Years Eve Band ‘Punch The Air‘ performing pop chart music, indie and rock from modern day 2020’s back through the decades to the 1950’s. We’ll perform guitar based cover band songs from artists like Amy Winehouse, The Killers, George Ezra, Kings Of Leon, The Beatles, Coldplay, Florence + The Machine, Oasis and more from our function band repertoire. All your guests will be partying and dancing all night long to our chart anthems. They’ll be singing and dancing their hearts out on the best night of the year. To book a new years eve band contact party band ‘Punch The Air’ right now to check on our availability and price for your live entertainment. Remember we can only be at one venue for NYE but there are thousands of venues wanting to book a NYE band. So don’t delay and contact band leader Andy Starkey from our NYE party band today. 

New Years Eve Band
New Years Eve Band

About your New Years Eve Band

Punch The Air‘ were established back in 2013 and are a top rated party band. Since then we have amassed many years of experience being a New Years Eve band. We can tailor the nights live entertainment to many different genres of music depending on the age of the guests.  Our New Years Eve packages come with iPad DJ services included until 1am on New Years Day. So everyone can continue to party the night away spending money behind your bar keeping those tills ringing. You can even extend our DJ services out further than 1am for an additional fee. We have lots of additional extras you can chose from.


Hire a covers band who will bring along PA system speakers, mixing desk, the bands entire backline, cables, stands, the works. Because of this you won’t need to hire in any external pieces of equipment or even a separate DJ if you so desire. Want to expand our indie rock cover band sound out further for your NYE party? Then why not book a party band with mixed vocals


Check out images and video from a recent New Years Eve Party Band.

As you can see from the below photos and video everyone had an amazing time with indie rock party band ‘Punch The Air‘ handling live entertainment. The entire 200 strong sold out event guests were on the dance floor all night long while our indie covers band performed live. This is the type of NYE party you want to be holding at your New Year’s Eve party venue. 

Where you can hire our party band

Indie rock party band ‘Punch The Air’ can be hired throughout the country for New Years Eve parties. Hire an indie cover band in Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Birmingham, Northamptonshire, Warwickshire and all over the UK. Also available to hire for corporate entertainment, weddings, function band, hire a birthday party band.