Acoustic Wedding Band

Acoustic Wedding Band

We have a number of different options for you if you’d like to book us as an acoustic wedding band. You can hire us acoustically in the daytime as well as have us perform a full band electric set later on at your event. Or you can hire us acoustically for just the daytime or the evening. We can fit around whatever plans you have for your special day event.

Acoustic Wedding Band
Acoustic Wedding Band

Our acoustic set-ups are usually hired:

  • During your wedding ceremony in your church or venue.
  • At your drinks reception while guests arrive at your venue (Indoors or outdoors is fine as we have battery powered amplifiers.)
  • During your wedding breakfast.
  • At your evening wedding reception party.
  • In a bar or restaurant.
  • At any type of event where you’d like some acoustic music.

Just tell us what you require from us and we’ll be more than happy to accomodate anything you request. We hardly take up any room acoustically and can fit into most nooks and crannies if space is tight at your venue.

Solo Acoustic Wedding Musician

Andy is available to book as a solo artist, just him, his guitar and his small amplifier. Perfect for while you’re walking down the aisle , during your drinks wedding reception or any chilled out vibe occasion. Andy can be hired anything from 30 minutes up to the entire day. You can find out more about this option on the acoustic solo page.

Solo Acoustic Wedding Musician
Solo Acoustic Wedding Musician

Acoustic Duo Wedding Band – Guitar & Bass

Andy & Ryan are available to book as a duo acoustic wedding band with guitar, bass and vocals. Rather than have two acoustic guitars playing over the top of each other Andy moves back onto bass (As he performs in the full band set up) adding a lovely low warming tone to the acoustic sound of the duo. This is an acoustic option you hardly ever see any other bands attempt and so can make your event that little bit more unique.

Acoustic Duo Wedding Band-Guitar-Bass
Acoustic Duo Wedding Band

Acoustic Duo Wedding Band – Guitar & Cajon

This is a really great and kooky combo if you want a brilliant talking point at your wedding or event. Andy or Ryan play acoustic guitar and sing, while Matt plays his cajon and sings backing vocals. What is a cajon though you’re probably thinking? A cajon is a wooden box that you sit on and slap with your hands and fingers to produce percussive sounds. Whenever we perform acoustically in this manner as an acoustic wedding band everyone always takes a huge interest in the cajon as it looks so different and produces such a fascinating sound.  

Here’s Andy & Matt in two videos on 7th July 2018 at Colmore Food Festival, Victoria Square, Birmingham while England were playing against, and then beat Sweden two nil in the 2018 Russia World Cup Semi-Finals .

Acoustic Duo Wedding Band Cajon
Acoustic Duo Wedding Band Cajon

Acoustic Trio – Full Acoustic Wedding Band

‘Punch The Air’ are also available to hire as a trio, full acoustic wedding band. So thats all three members of the band, Andy, Ryan & Matt with acoustic guitar, bass, vocals and your choice of either a full drum kit,  a smaller cocktail style drum kit or a cajon drum. We can perform at any time of the day or night to suit your requirements.

Acoustic Trio Wedding Band
Acoustic Trio Wedding Band

What music will you perform acoustically?

We perform chilled out versions of the songs fomr our repertoire .  As you will see they are all very well known pop tunes from modern day music by Indie Rock groups and artists like George Ezra, from the 90s by Oasis, the 80s by The Human League, the 70s by The Undertones, the 60s by The Beatles and from the 50s by Elvis….and everything in-between.

How much does it cost to hire the band?

Depending on which option you chose and how long you require us for and how long you’d like us to perform for will all affect the price. When you get in touch below please include as much information as possible with which set up you’d like and we can quote you correctly for your event.

Acoustic Wedding Band Contact Form

Are you having problems with the above form? If so email or call UK 07794 659405.

If you have any questions then you can head on over to our Frequently Asked Questions page or email at

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