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Indie Party Band ‘Punch The Air’ are massively into our party band social media. Its a very quick and simple way of showing you just how often we are out performing on a regular basis. Also you can interact with us there a lot easier than on our website. When thinking about what band to book for your event we advise looking back on their social media history. You can easily see if your band really have been together as long as they claim they have (We can tell you some horror stories along these lines). Also you can check if your band are actually out performing as much as they claim to be. 

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We’re very proud of how often we regularly update our social media profiles. Proving what we do week in week out with real live testimonials and comments from clients and guests.  You can check us out and follow us on our various social media profiles above.

We also love it when clients and guests tag us in their social media pictures and videos when we’ve performed for them. It doesn’t matter to us how blurry or wonky the image is. Its helping us to prove to you our experience in live entertainment scenarios. We’d love to connect with you so do please get in touch.

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If you’re looking to find details of when and where we occasionally do wedding band public performances then thats a good start. We strongly encourage you to connect with us. This way you can always be kept up to date with all our musical adventures.

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Please fill out this contact form with all your live entertainment requirements or email at or call UK 07794 659405.

‘Punch The Air’ – Proving our experience through our Party Band Social Media