Function Band Vlogs.

Why read about what we get up to on a regular basis when you can watch instead?

Move over dull, boring mid 1990s text and picture style Blogs, its nearly 2020 and ‘Punch The Air‘ are embracing the future of video content. Its time to become immersed in the sound and visuals of our function band Vlogs.

‘Punch The Air’ are three great guys trying their best to shake things up in the massively competitive world of weddings and live entertainment. This is why we regularly produce “Day In The Life” style Vlog videos of our expeditions around the country. Here you’ll see what we go through on a regular basis week in, week out at various different types of parties.

Derbyshire Wedding Function Band Vlogs

Check out our experiences in video Vlog form ‘Punch The Air’ Derbyshire Wedding Band at Ilam, Ashbourne…read more

A Weekend In The Life Of A Professional Musician Vlog

In this epic 17 minute episode watch professional musician Andy Starkey over the space of one weekend performing live…read more

Watch as our huge effort makes your function run smoother.

You’ll see the amount of effort it takes to set up your event with the best sound and lighting. We’re always doing everything we can to make sure your party will go as smooth as possible. You’ll see clients and guests genuine appreciation for us while we’re performing live. Also you’ll hear completely live audio from the event too. We’re not trying to fool anyone in our Vlog videos by adding studio recordings over the top of our live performances afterwards, we really do sound this good live.

Vlog 004 – Wedding

We performed at the wonderful Moxhull Hall, Sutton Coldfield (where we have performed on numerous occasions before)…read more

You’ll soon see why you’ll be booking us.

We think you deserve to see what happens to ‘Punch The Air’ from the view point of the band themselves before you book us. In fact we think every wedding and party band should be doing this, but for some reason they choose not to (It will be because it takes a lot of time to record and edit). We’re the only function band in the UK to be regularly producing party band Vlogs of our exciting expeditions around the country.

Vlog Party Band
Vlog Party Band ‘Punch The Air’ with Bride & Groom



40th Birthday Party Live Band Vlog

We were booked to perform at the Robin Hood Golf Club, Solihull for Olivers 40th birthday party live band…read more

Its like seeing the band before you get to see the band

You’ll see the distances we travel around the UK to get to your event and what happens when we turn up at your wedding. You’ll see what it takes to set up our equipment to give you the best sound around and how our gear works.  See how we easily we fit in with your party and how approachable we are with clients and guests…..Oh yeah, and of course you’ll see us performing live too.

Party Band Vlogs
Party Band Vlogs



Shropshire Wedding Band –  Vlog 002

We recently had a blast at a festival style wedding fair at Brook House Farm for Shropshire wedding bandread more

A heck of lot of work goes into producing Vlogs

We wish we could produce party band Vlogs for every single event we perform at but unfortunately there isn’t always the time. We really do appreciate you taking the time to watch them though. On this page are instances when we’ve managed to create unique content during our experiences at weddings, birthdays, parties, corporate events, charity fundraisers and special events.

Vlog Video
Vlog Videos by ‘Punch The Air’ function band



Birthday Party Live Band – Vlog 001

Preparing for, traveling to, setting up at and performing at a birthday party at Bashall Barn, Clitheroe….read more

Punch The Air – The only professional band with function band Vlogs