Wedding Function Band

What is a wedding function band? When you book a wedding function band it will be a group of professional musicians who specialise in performing live music at wedding receptions. The wedding band will perform covers of other famous bands songs. Usually this will be either from one or more genres and/or decades of chart pop music. The function wedding band will not perform original music or songs written by themselves. By booking a wedding function band who are well established on the circuit (Indie rock wedding band ‘Punch The Air‘ estd. 2013) you can be assured that you are booking wedding entertainment with a band who know what they are doing.

Wedding Function Band
Wedding Function Band

About wedding function bands

Usually all band members will either be full time professional musicians doing this job solely for a living. Or performing live on a semi professional basis. The party band will be out performing at weddings multiple times a week and will be incredibly at ease with what is expected of them during your wedding. Although your wedding will be a unique event to you, most weddings all follow a somewhat similar pattern that your band will have much experience in.  Your well established wedding reception band will advise you on what types of schedules work best at a wedding. So do listen to what they have to say. A professional wedding band will have much more experience at weddings than you do.

What happens when you hire a band for a reception?

When you book a professional wedding band you can be assured that all you and all your guests will be happy with all the material the band will perform live on stage. They will play nothing too obscure and will be courteous to all your wedding party. Also a high energy band both on and off stage will be able give your evening wedding reception that extra push it may need after a long day for everyone. A wedding party band will also be able to perform at other types of functions and events too. A function band will also be adept at live performances at corporate events, parties, festival , birthday parties, charity fundraisers and more

What ‘Punch The Air’ provide you with.

Punch The Air‘ have a vast wealth of all things live at weddings throughout the UK as a wedding supplier. Our wedding band are the ideal wedding reception group for any size venue. Included in our fees are two live high energy performances. Also all sound and lighting equipment. Plus iPad DJ services are also included when the band aren’t performing live up until midnight as standard. We will give you an amazing night with a fantastic solid performance using all our previous wedding experience. Our booking process is incredibly straight forward and you will receive a hard copy contract from us too.  Contact to book a wedding function band anywhere in the UK and beyond.

Cover Band

What is a cover band exactly? That’s a pretty good question. A cover band (Or covers band – Plural) is a group of musicians that perform live music by other artists. A covers live band will NOT perform songs written by themselves.  Said band will perform music of a specific genre (in our case Indie Rock) or from a specific decade. A cover band will not generally dress up to look like the bands they are aping. (‘Punch The Air‘ will perform for you in our own smart uniform though). This is different to a tribute band who will generally perform live music by one specific artist and dress up to look like the band too. Another name for our type of band is a function band, wedding band or party band.

Cover Band
Cover Band

Booking a cover band for a party

Why do you need to book a cover band for your party then? If you’re looking to host a party with live music then a covers live band will be ideal for you. A cover party band will perform well known songs all your guests will know and love already. They won’t perform anything too obscure and as stated will not play any of their own material. ‘Punch The Air‘ cover party band are first and foremost an indie rock cover band. We set up in 2013 and have amassed a huge number of live performances and subsequently live videos over the years.

If you are looking to book a band for a wedding, birthday party, corporate event, festival, party or charity event then we’ll be perfect for you. We’ll perform huge live hits by artists like The Killers, Blink 182, Stereophonics, Kings Of Leon, Oasis, Blur and other indie rock songs. BUT we also perform songs by massive pop chart bands and musicians too. Very well known artists like Queen, George Ezra, Elvis, The Beatles and more. This way we can keep all of your guests (Even those who SAY they’re not into indie rock) merrily dancing away to our live performances.

What you’ll get from our function band.

Included in our fee’s are all sound and lighting equipment as we are a fully self contained band. You’ll get two live performances of high energy live music. Also we’ll give you free iPad DJ services when we’re not performing live. This will make sure all your guests dance the entire night away. With hundreds of previous happy clients you can very well understand why we are a top rated rated party band

Have professional musicians ‘Punch The Air‘ provide you with live entertainment at your event. Contact to check on price and availability. 

Professional Wedding Band

You wouldn’t trust any other part of your wedding supplier to anything but a professional would you. So of course you should book a professional wedding band to perform live music at your wedding reception too. Hire competent and experienced quality musicians ‘Punch The Airwedding entertainment on your special day. Established in 2013 with literally hundreds and hundreds of wedding performances under our belts, Andy and his wedding cover band have all you worries completely sorted. We will take care of your entire nights live music and even throw in free iPad DJ services when we’re not performing live too. Our wedding band will provide you with a full PA system and lighting too.  Contact to check on price and availability.

Professional Wedding Band
Professional Wedding Band

Book a Professional Wedding Band for your wedding reception party.

We are professionals in our trade with many years of knowledge and experience handling any type of event or situation. Some bands may fall apart the second something goes “Wrong” on stage (This is LIVE music after all) or even off stage. Not ‘Punch The Air’ indie rock wedding band. We are proficient problem solvers with the skills to keep your party going no matter what. We’ve dealt with blackouts, floods, fights, stage invasions, fires and just about anything you can think of. One way or another we’ll always make sure the party continues when its safe to do so. Plus we’ll even do our best to help get your event back on track again. 

Live indie rock and chart pop music for your wedding party by competent & experienced quality musicians 

Our wedding party band know what brides, grooms, family members and guests want to hear at weddings. So we perform a fantastic mix of indie rock and chart pop from the last 60 years. Big indie tunes by bands like The Killers, Stereophonics, Blink 182, Oasis and more. Then huge chart pop by artists such as George Ezra, Amy Winehouse, Queen, The Mavericks, The Beatles Elvis and more. Book a highly recommended wedding band with hundreds of happy previous wedding clients as your wedding reception band.

Wedding Cover Band

You want to book a wedding cover band that know how to get everyone up off their seats dancing the whole night though. Wedding function bandPunch The Airare that band and we will handle all your live entertainment (And DJ services) at your wedding reception. Massive indie rock numbers, huge chart pop numbers with all sound and lighting equipment included in the price. Book a wedding party band established in 2013 with masses of previous experience and high energy live performances to give your wedding that extra push in the evening. Contact to hire a wedding cover band and check on price and availability for wedding entertainment

Wedding Cover Band
Wedding Cover Band

Book a wedding cover band

When you book our wedding cover band live entertainment package you can be assured you’re booking a professional wedding band with a tried and highly successful track record. With over 100+ positive reviews our previous wedding client testimonials speak for themselves. A highly “Recommended wedding band” is how most people put it. Brides, grooms and wedding guests love how easy it is to book our wedding band AND how easy going musicians we are. Nothing is too much trouble for us and nothing will phase us as your wedding reception band. With many, many hundreds of wedding performances under our belts we’ve come through every type of major wedding disaster and STILL managed to perform live. Power outages, fires, floods, fights have all occurred before and we’ve always managed to keep the party going one way or another.

With our wedding reception band you’ll get…

  • Two live performances of high energy indie rock and chart pop from the 1950s through to present day (The Killers, Queen, Arctic Monkeys, George Ezra, Stereophonics, The Beatles, Oasis and more.
  • iPad DJ services when the band aren’t performing live.
  • All sound and lighting equipment.
  • No agency fees of £200+.
  • Hard Copy Contract.

Book professional musicians all over the UK.

Clients book ‘Punch The Airwedding party band for wedding receptions across the whole of the UK, not limited to:

Wedding Reception Band

If you’re looking to book a wedding reception band then hiring live entertainment from indie rock cover group ‘Punch The Air’ will be perfect for you. Brides & grooms have trusted our wedding function band since we formed in 2013 to handle their wedding entertainment across the UK and beyond. Our wedding cover band are a high energy up-tempo three piece guitar based group with prices starting from just £999. Our live band have tonnes of previous wedding experience having been established on the scene since 2013. So you know we can handle anything that happens at your wedding party and take it all in our stride.

Wedding Reception Band
Wedding Reception Band

Types of music and areas we’ll perform in when you book a Wedding Reception Band.

Punch The Air‘ will perform huge indie hits by Oasis, The Killers, Arctic Monkeys, Stereophonics and more. We’ll also play huge chart pop hits by artists like George Ezra, The Beatles, Amy Winehouse, Joan Jett, Queen and more.  Contact to check on price and availability to book a Staffordshire wedding band, hire a Shropshire wedding band. Also you can book a Worcestershire wedding band, hire a wedding band in Warwickshire and find a Derbyshire wedding band. It doesn’t matter where you are based in the the UK, we’ll come to you and give you the best live wedding music for your special day.

It shouldn’t be hard working trying to book live entertainment.

We’ve made it as simple as possible for you to hire a wedding reception band. Once you know you want to book a wedding cover band simply contact us and fill in the online form with as much information as possible. If we are available (Or even if we’re not available) we will have the decency to get back to you within 48 hours advising our availability and our price for your area. If you then want to go ahead with the booking ‘Punch The Air‘ will email you over our contract to sign digitally and email back over to us. Also our recommended wedding band will email you payment information at the same time. Its simply a 50% up front deposit to secure our wedding party band for your special day, then you’re all booked in with us.

We won’t give your date away to another client. Nor will we cancel on you (Unlike some other bands out there). Also we 100% guarantee we will turn up for your wedding reception….and on time too. All the while smiling because we love our jobs.

What we’ll supply as your wedding band

Wedding Party Band

Hire a wedding party band like no other and have indie rock wedding bandPunch The Air‘ perform live entertainment for you and all your guests. Big indie tunes from Stereophonics, The Killers, Oasis, Kings Of Leon, Blink 182, Kaiser Chiefs, Arctic Monkeys and more. Plus fantastic very well known songs from modern day back artists through the decades. Amy Winehouse, George Ezra, The Beatles, Van Morrison, Lynyrd Skynyrd and more pop hits. Contact straight away to check on price and availability to book a wedding party band in your area.

Wedding Party Band
Wedding Party Band

Book a wedding party band established in 2013

Our wedding function band formed in 2013 and we hit the ground running. ‘Punch The Air‘ we’re an instant success with wedding couples and their guests around the UK. Clients instantly loved our high energy performances of indie rock and pop songs from the last 60 years. They love how we always get them and their guests up dancing happily along to our wedding cover band. Our choice of songs is always tailored exactly to the dancefloors requirements. If it looks like you and your guests want to hear some more older or newer tunes…..Then thats what we’ll do.

As we don’t use any backing tracks we are able to keep or switch genres on the spot and always make sure the party continues. This is unlike a lot of bands who have to keep to a strict set list because they use backing tracks. We are a fully live band and to boot a huge sounding band (But always at a reasonable volume level). There are no gimmicks going off in the background. Its just pure live music the way it should always be.

Book a party band for your wedding and you’ll receive from us:

  • All sound and lighting for your wedding.
  • Two live performances plus encores of high energetic wedding reception band music.
  • Hard copy contract.
  • No agency fees (Which can usually add 20% on top of your bill for receiving nothing more from your wedding entertainment).
  • Free iPad DJ services when the band aren’t performing live until midnight.
  • An easy going and professional set of musicians able to cope with anything thrown at us.

Professional function musicians

Punch The Air‘ are a highly recommended wedding band with hundreds of honest reviews from over the many years we have been together as a professional wedding band. Also our live wedding band has many optional extras for you to chose from such as adding a female lead singer to our line up. Also evening photographer (As usually photographers go home after the first dance missing all the fun of the night). Plus you can also hire a projector from us too, and many other extras. Watch all of our professionally shot live videos and we know you’ll decide that we are the wedding band for your special day.

All you need to do is contactPunch The Air‘ and let us know as much about your event as possible. We’ll get back to you in less than 48 hours with our price and availability.

Refunding Weddings Due To The Coronavirus

Wedding Refund Coronavirus information. If you have to cancel your 2020 wedding due to the Coronavirus we promise to give you 100% of your deposit back. Your confidence in our professional wedding band is worth more to us than anything else, including money. We want nothing more than for you to be safe and happy when booking or rearranging a wedding date with our indie rock wedding band. Read our articles on Covid-19 Weddings with a maximum 30 guests and our daily updated article on everything you can and can’t do at a Coronavirus effected wedding. We are constantly keeping up to date (and keeping you up to date) with all the latest Coronavirus advise from WHO World Health Organization and the UK Government.

We promise you we won’t be increasing our prices in 2020 or 2021 so book a wedding band when YOU are ready. Thinking of planning or rescheduling a wedding during Coronavirus outbreak? Here’s solid advise from a professional wedding band on the knock on effects of the pandemic. Also how we’re helping you organise and book your Covid secure wedding and wedding band.

Wedding Refund Coronavirus
Wedding Refund Coronavirus

Wedding Refund Coronavirus due to Covid-19

  • Deposits 100% refunded if you cancel your 2020 wedding due to Coronavirus.

In these strange and trying times professional wedding band ‘Punch The Air’ want you to know that we understand what you are going through. The uncertainty, the worries and in some cases the heartbreak. Thats why we promise to 100% refund your deposit if you have to cancel your 2020 wedding due to the Coronavirus. We will even 100% refund your deposit if you postpone your 2020 wedding to a later date and we are subsequently not available. (Due to already being out performing at another clients wedding).

We believe that you should NOT be out of pocket because of something that is completely out of your control. Many of our wedding clients have already successfully moved their weddings to later in 2020 or in some cases 2021. And we are completely fine with you doing the same if necessary. 

Refunding Weddings Due To The Coronavirus
Refunding Weddings Due To The Coronavirus

Confidently continue arranging your 2020 wedding.

This is also a great opportunity for new clients. You can get on with planning your 2020 wedding and not have to put it on hold due to Covid-19 anymore. You can book indie wedding band ‘Punch The Air’ live wedding entertainment for a 2020 wedding date not too far in the future. If by chance everything still isn’t back to normal close to when your 2020 wedding is we can simply refund you and you won’t lose any money what so ever. Or we can work together as your wedding reception band to find a new date that suits both of us.

Wedding Refund Coronavirus.

Cases when we will 100% refund your deposit due to Covid-19:

  1. You have a 2020 booking with us already and you need to reschedule due to the Coronavirus. But we are not available on your date – Full deposit refunded
  2. You’ve decided to completely cancel your 2020 wedding due to the Coronavirus outbreak and are not rearranging – Full deposit refunded
  3. You decide to scale back your 2020 wedding and no longer have the budget for live entertainment – Full deposit refunded

Changing your Wedding Party Band date

Our professional wedding band ‘Punch The Air‘ are sure that you want us to perform for you still on your special day. You spent a long time searching for us didn’t you. A highly recommended wedding band, a top rated party band that will keep all your guests dancing the whole night long. Who wants to go through the entire process of finding a new band all over again? We hope that you will you’ll work alongside us to help find multiple dates that work for both of us. Read about rescheduling your wedding due to the Coronavirus then get in contact to let us know however you’d like us to handle your wedding. 

Female Singer Wedding Band

You can also book a female singer wedding band for your wedding reception. Hire ‘Punch The Air‘ party band with our additional female vocalist Nina and expand our trio out to a four piece with amazing female vocals. Massive women singer songs by artists like Amy Winehouse, Pink, Alanis Morissette, Girls Aloud, The Human League. Also Avril Lavigne, Florence + The Machine, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, Tiffany and more. Couple that with the best indie rock tunes, massive chart pop hits from modern day. We’ll then tale you all the way back to the 50s. So that’s amazing songs from Queen, Stereophonics, The Beatles, George Ezra, Blink 182, The Kinks, Beastie Boys,  Kaiser Chiefs, The Mavericks and more.  Contact to check on availability and price to add additional female vocals to your wedding reception band.

Female Singer Wedding Band
Female Singer Wedding Band

Hire a Female Singer Wedding Band

Have the the best of both worlds and hire a female singer wedding band by adding Nina to our function band line up. Mixed female and male vocals for your wedding reception party. Therefore complimenting your wonderful day at your chosen wedding venue. When you hire our professional wedding party band you won’t need to hire in any extra third party sound equipment. ‘Punch The Air‘ are a fully self contained wedding entertainment professional band. We’ll bring along our amazing PA system that we can tailor the volume of precisely for your wedding venue. You will not believe the amazing live sound we can produce from our Yamaha PA system. Everything is crystal clear with big emphasis on the clarity of vocals. You won’t hear any screaming feedback or stupidly loud guitars, everything will be set precisely for your enjoyment.

Book a wedding band with female vocals.

Also we’ll supply you with lighting for the dance-floor and staging area. Plus we’ll even throw in Tablet DJ services when we’re not performing live until midnight (Extendable out past midnight for an additional fee). With lots of wedding supplier extras to choose from we can help make your wedding run as smooth as possible.

You can book a female vocal wedding band all over the United Kingdom and beyond. Book a Staffordshire wedding band and hire a Derbyshire wedding band. Find a Shropshire wedding band and book a Worcestershire wedding band. Contact to check on price and availability. 


Wedding Band With Female Vocals
Wedding Band With Female Vocals


Book A Wedding Band

You’re looking to book a wedding band but you don’t just want any function band. You want a wedding party band who can actually entertain your guests as well as perform all your favourite indie rock songs live. A high energy band who pass their liveliness and enthusiasm onto your family and friends, keeping them happily dancing throughout the entire night. You want a mini concert for your live wedding entertainment, everyone with their hands in the air chanting along. You want it all, and we’ll give you all this and so much more. We are indie rock wedding band ‘Punch The Air’ and we are your wedding reception party band. Contact right away to check on our price and availability.

Book A Wedding Band
Book A Wedding Band

You need to book a wedding band.

Formed in 2013 our wedding party band has hundreds of happy brides and grooms (And their guests) reviews you can read to prove all of our credentials.  Subsequently we come highly recommended. We’ve never had a mediocre or bad review ever. Thats a 100% track record from the very start to this very day. Clients who book a wedding band love our indie rock covers, ease of booking, friendly and professional attitude and our high energy performances. Sometimes clients and guests join us on stage to perform too, sometimes they are hoisted in the air and crowd surf. But at every single performance they never want the night or live entertainment to end. 


Our covers band will perform huge banging indie rock covers like Mr Brightside, All The Small Things, I Predict A Riot, I Bet That You Look Good On The Dancefloor, Don’t Look Back In Anger and There She Goes. Also indie anthems like Wonderwall, Chelsea Dagger, Place Your Hands, Parklife, Disco 2000 and more from our indie rock repertoire

Don’t worry though, we haven’t forgotten about your other guests who aren’t into indie rock covers so much. For them we’ll delve deep into the past and also look closely at the present. We love other genres too, just like they do. They will absolutely love our live performances of songs by Queen, George Ezra, Van Morrison, Calvin Harris & Sam Smith, Chuck Berry, The Beatles, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Elvis Presley and more.

What you should look for when hiring a function band.

We’ve performed at every single kind of wedding venue you can think of. So you know we’ll be able to handle live music at your chosen wedding reception venue too. Mansions, stately homes, barns, outdoor festivals, community centres, village halls, golf clubs. Also country clubs, vineyards, farms, banquet halls, churches & cathedrals. We can perform at any sized venue you chose for you reception. We’ll bring along our state of the art PA sound system and LED lighting rig. Also we’ll include free iPad DJ services throughout the night until midnight at no extra charge. Doesn’t this all sound just perfect for your special day?

When you book a wedding band ‘Punch The Air’ we also have many optional extra for you to chose from including:

Hire a wedding reception band throughout the UK

‘Punch The Air’ perform all over the UK from the far South up to most northern North. Hire a Staffordshire wedding band, book a Derbyshire wedding band, hire a West Midlands wedding band. Also book a wedding band in Shropshire, hire a Warwickshire wedding band and hire a wedding band in Nottinghamshire.

Coton House Farm Wedding Band Whittington Lichfield

Book a Coton House Farm Wedding Band Whittington Lichfield. This Staffordshire wedding venue is perfect for professional wedding band ‘Punch The Air’ to entertain all your guests at. If you love your indie rock music then our indie rock covers band we will be ideal for your wedding reception. Banging tunes from Artic Monkeys, Oasis, Stereophonics, Blink 182, Blur, The Killers, Kings Of Leon, Foo Fighters and more from our indie covers band repertoire. Don’t worry, we wont forget about your parents, friends, work colleagues and other family members though. For them we’ll play a fantastic Lichfield Bandselection of pop tunes from modern day through the decades. Expect to hear pop music from The Beatles, Amy Winehouse, George Ezra, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Florence & The Machine and more. Prices start from £999 so contact to check on our availability as soon as possible.  

Coton House Farm Wedding Band Whittington Lichfield
Coton House Farm Wedding Band Whittington Lichfield

Hire a Coton House Farm Wedding Band Whittington Lichfield

You’re guaranteed a fantastic and incredibly easy going time with indie rock cover band ‘Punch The Air’ handling all your live entertainment at your Coton House Farm wedding reception. You won’t find a simpler way of hiring a wedding band than our Staffordshire wedding band. All we require is the return of our contract and a 50% deposit and you’re all booked in with us. You won’t need to hire any other equipment from third parties as we’re a fully self contained band.  ‘Punch The Air‘ will bring along the bands entire backline, PA system and lighting.

We’ll even thrown in free iPad DJ services for the entire night up until midnight. Read our 100s of reviews and you’ll soon see that were the type of band  that instantly gel with you and all your guests. Nothing is too much trouble for us, thats why we are a recommended wedding band for clients wanting to hire a wedding band in Whittington, Lichfield. 

A Wedding party band for your Whittington wedding.

Coton House Farm wedding venue is located on Vicarage Lane, Whittington, Lichfield, Staffordshire, WS14 9LQ. It is just off Fisherwick Road, down the road from Whittington Cricket Club and Bit End Field. Our wedding party band love this exclusive use oak wedding barn venue. You can tailor the venue to your own special theme. Also this Whittington wedding venue has wonderful outdoor area views of the Staffordshire countryside. With a possibility of holding 120 guests daytime and 220 guests in the evening you know you will have enough room for all your friends and family to dance the night away to us.


What could be better than having a Lichfield band perform at your Lichfield wedding reception. Book a live indie rock wedding band performance in Lichfield for your wedding venue including:

Hire a wedding band in Lichfield Staffordshire wedding band, ‘Punch The Air’ are available to book throughout:

  • Lichfield
  • Shenstone
  • Curborough
  • Streethay
  • Huddlesford
  • Fradley
  • Elmhurst
  • Pipehall
  • Wall
  • Whittington
  • Boley Park
  • Chadsmead
  • Christ Church
  • Darwin Park
  • The Dimbles
  • Leomansley
  • Nether Stowe
  • Sandfields
  • Stowe
  • Trent Valley
  • Weeford
  • and surrounding areas of Lichfield and Staffordshire.