Chase Golf Club Wedding Band

Hire a Chase Golf Club Wedding Band in Penkridge Staffordshire and have Punch The Air rock your wedding. Check out our repertoire that brides, grooms, and guests of all ages will enjoy. Contact band leader Andy Starkey for price and availability for your big day. 

You can also hire Punch The Air for parties, galas and more at this Cannock Chase Golf Club function venue.


Book a Chase Golf Club Wedding Band

Venue address:
The Chase Golf Club,
Pottal Pool Road,
ST19 5RN

2026 Wedding Band

So, you’re looking for a 2026 wedding band but you want to make sure that everyone is catered for? You want everyone to be enjoying themselves from kids to teens to adults to grandparents? Plus you want a band you can trust to provide you with the best sound, lighting and performance out there aurely? Big indie tunes from Coldplay, Stereophonics, The Killers, Blink 182, Kings Of Leon. Then pop hits from George Ezra, The Beatles, Neil Diamond, Rick Astley, Amy Winehouse and more. Most importantly they must be professionals in their field who have been together over a decade surely? Then contact band leader Andy Starkey to book two thousand and twenty six wedding entertainment.

2020 Wedding Band
2026 Wedding Band

Hire a 2026 Wedding Band.

You’ve landed on the right page for the right band. ‘Punch The Air‘ are a three piece guitar based indie rock cover band who specialise in weddings. Since 2013 now we’ve been thrilling brides, grooms and wedding guests with our live performances. We’ve played small weddings, big weddings, marquee weddings, outdoor weddings, castle weddings, circus tent weddings, hall weddings, farm weddings, glass house weddings, barn weddings, abbey weddings, festival weddings, tipi weddings. Plus we’ve even played at Batman’s ‘Wayne Manor’. We don’t mind how small or large your wedding reception is though, we can make you, your guests and your venue sing. Hire a 2026 wedding group for your wedding venue across the UK.

Here is what you can expect from us on your special day.

  • 2 x live performances of Indie Rock & chart pop sing-a-long tunes all your guests will know and love. (Or one long 90 minute PLUS performance if you prefer)
  • A fun & energetic Rock & Roll live show.
  • A very competitive price.
  • PA & lighting to be included.
  • DJ services included with our wedding function band.

We know exactly what it takes to give you and your guests one heck of a memorable night as you’ll see in our many brilliant videos. Book twenty twenty six wedding musicians for a wedding reception. We’d love to play a part in your big special day.


Wedding Band 2023
Wedding Band 2026

We are your wedding band for 2026.

We spend a lot of time creating quality social media proving what we do week in week out. So make sure you check out our Facebook page which gets updated a lot more regularly than the website you’re looking at now.

We reserve a few dates a year for public performances so you can even come and check us out live first if you like. Other than this the band only perform at private functions but we photograph & film a lot of our performances. This media gives you the opportunity to see what ‘Punch The Air‘ are all about if you can’t actually come and see us live in person. Unfortunately we can’t allow potential clients to attend other clients weddings…..After all you wouldn’t want someone you don’t know turning up to your 2026 wedding reception to watch the band perform would you? With us you can hire a wedding band in twenty twenty six with confidence.

View lots more wedding videos, and many more photos of us performing at weddings.

2026 Wedding Reception Band Contact Form

    Are you having problems with the above form? If so you can email us for a quote at or call us on UK 07794 659405.

    If you have any questions then you can hop on over to Frequently Asked Questions

    Live Wedding Band 2020
    Live Wedding Band

    Falcon Hatton Wedding Band

    You’ve just found your Falcon Hatton Wedding Band in Warwickshire with Punch The Air and we’ll give you the most amazing wedding reception ever. With over a decade experience together performing as the same professional wedding band we’ve seen and done it all. That means we can take anything that might go wrong in our stride and always give you the best performance no matter what MIGHT happen. We’ve survived floods, power outages, fights, people falling into the staging area and everything in-between. No matter what happened we always managed to get the show rolling again and continue the nights high energy live performances of music by Blink 182, Stereophonics, The Beatles, Walk The Moon, Amy Winehouse, Bryan Adams and more for our family friendly repertoire. Contact band leader Andy Starkey to check on price and availability of an amazing wedding reception band


    Falcon Hatton Wedding Band
    Falcon Hatton Wedding Band


    Punch The Air are your The Falcon at Hatton wedding reception band

    Live photo’s of Warwickshire Wedding Band performing live at The Falcon for Martin & Alison.


    Warwickshire Wedding venue address:

    The Falcon at Hatton,
    Birmingham Road,
    CV35 7HA

    Charlton House Wedding Band

    Your Charlton House Wedding Band ‘Punch The Air‘ will perform the best dancealongable, singalongable songs for the biggest day of your life in Shepton Mallet. You and all your guests will love our performance by artists like Walk The Moon, The Killers, George Ezra, Blink 182, Oasis, Queen, The Beatles, Florence & The Machine and more from our repertoire. Indie rock, pop, chart and classics from modern day all the way back to the 1950s. There’s something for everyone including brides, grooms, kids, grandparents, work colleagues, family members and weirdo oddballs. Contact band leader Andy Starkey to hire a Somerset wedding band with the skills and professional attitude to make your Montigo Resorts wedding reception unforgettable. 


    Charlton House Wedding Band
    Charlton House Wedding Band


    Hire a Charlton House Wedding Band


    Live photos of Punch The Air performing at Charlton House near Glastonbury.

    Somerset wedding venue address

    Charlton Road,
    Shepton Mallet,
    BA4 4PR,



    With over a decade together (Established 2013) we know we can give you the wedding reception you’ve always dreamed of. 

    Baddesley Ensor Social Club Band

    Hire a Baddesley Ensor Social Club Band for your party, wedding, birthday, charity event or event in Atherstone, Warwickshire and have Punch The Air perform live giving your guests an amazing night of live music. Massive songs from George Ezra, The Beatles, Neil Diamond, The Tourists, The Killers, Walk The Moon and more. Contact band leader Andy Starkey to hire a professional  cover band for a Warwickshire live event. 

    Baddesley Ensor Social Club Band
    Baddesley Ensor Social Club Band


    Book a Baddesley Ensor Social Club Band

    Live photos of professional party band Punch The Air performing live at this Warwickshire social club. 



    Warwickshire wedding venue address:
    50 New St,
    Baddesley Ensor,
    CV9 2DN

    Wedding Music – How to choose a Wedding Band

    Did you know that trying to decide on what sort of wedding music and how to choose a wedding band for your wedding reception is for some brides & grooms a tough decision? But for some wedding couples it’s incredibly easy and has always been obvious what they want. What do you go for? A pop music or a rock wedding band? An indie rock wedding band or a soul and funk wedding group? Perhaps an acoustic wedding band? Or even a folk wedding band ala Mumford & Sons? Here’s professional musician Andy Starkey’s (Fro ‘Punch The Air’) guide on how to choose the right type of music and wedding band for your special day.

    Wedding Music
    Wedding Music

    How to choose wedding music and a live wedding band for your wedding reception? 

    There are three options to consider when choosing you wedding music and hiring a live band.

    • Firstly, what sort of music do YOU like?
    • Secondly, what sort of music do a lot of your guests like?
    • Thirdly, do you want a live band who will get everyone up and dancing or just a DJ?

    Which of these options matter most to you? Is your wedding reception all about you, or is it more about pleasing everyone you know who will be attending?

    What sort of music do you like?

    Are you into huge chart pop music from the 1950s through to modern day, indie rock music, punk music and music by classic bands like The Beatles? Will your guests enjoy the type of music you enjoy the most? Do you even care if they have the passion for your favourite style of music?

    What sort of music do your guests like?

    Do your wedding guests like hip-hop and rap, dance music, reggae music, jazz music or R&B music? Should you even bother considering what your guests want to hear on YOUR special day? You’re paying for the DJ wedding music and live band yourself after all.

    Do you want a live band who will get everyone up and dancing, a DJ or would you rather chill out?

    Some brides & grooms just want to chill out in the evening, and thats fine with us. If you don’t want a full on mini concert then you can always hire a DJ or hire an acoustic wedding band instead. Usually a DJ or acoustic wedding band will be cheaper to hire than a full on wedding band. If it’s a small wedding venue and people just want to sit around talking to each other then this might be what you need. Maybe guests might want to get up occasionally and have a little boogie, again just a DJ or acoustic wedding band will no doubt be fine. If you do want a high energy band wedding band who will most definitely have everyone up and dancing all night long then read on.

    Wedding Music by ‘Punch The Air’.

    Only you can decide on what’s more important to you on your special day. But from previous experience from both attending and performing weddings we know for sure that a live band will leave you and all your guests with much longer lasting memories. Essentially Punch The Air are a high energy indie rock wedding band with bags of wedding experience (Estd. 2013). We’ll give your evening wedding reception that kick-start it might just need after a whole days worth of celebrating, eating and drinking.



    But we’re also very suitable for clients who like music beyond this specific genre. It wouldn’t be a wedding without us also performing live music from The Beatles, George Ezra, Amy Winehouse, Van Morrison, Mumford & Sons and Elvis. Even the indie covers we perform are huge chart hitters guaranteed to get mom, dad and grandparents up dancing. Who doesn’t know ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ by Oasis and ‘Dakota‘ by Stereophonics? Also who doesn’t like ‘Mr Brightside‘ by The Killers and ‘Sex On Fire‘ by Kings Of Leon? Or All The Small Things by Blink 182? Thumb through our full repertoire and you’ll find theres something for everyone in our live performances.


    How to choose a Wedding Band
    How to choose a Wedding Band

    What else our wedding band can provide you with.

    What’s also great about wedding band Punch The Air is that anything you want to hear that we don’t perform live we’ll spin on the (Virtual) DJ decks for you at no extra charge. Andy Starkey has over 33,000 songs you can choose from across all decades and genres. Thats Pop, Rock, Dance, Reggae, Irish, Folk, Rap and everything in-between. So thats your entire night of live entertainment sorted. Less cost and less hassle.


    Included in our performance fees are:

    • Two live high energy performances.
    • All PA sound equipment.
    • The bands backline of guitars, amplifiers, drum kits, microphones etc.
    • Lighting for the dancefloor.
    • Lighting for the stage area.
    • iPad DJ services when the band aren’t performing live until midnight.

    With many other optional extras to choose from such as late night DJ services, adding a female lead singer and even an evening photographer its not just wedding music we can offer you. Punch The Air have been a trusted wedding supplier since our inception in 2013. With over one hundred client reviews you can be sure we can handle your wedding reception with the utmost care and consideration to you and all your guests. Contact band leader Andy Starkey for price and availability when choosing a wedding band.

    2025 Wedding Band

    It’s never too early to think about booking a 2025 wedding band for your reception and have ‘Punch The Airindie rock cover band provide you with live music on your special day. The year twenty twenty five will soon be upon us. So don’t delay in thinking about booking live entertainment for a wedding. Established over a decade ago in 2013 ‘Punch The Air‘ have built up an amazing reputation with a 100% client satisfaction record from live wedding perfomances. We know exactly how to handle all your guests, young to old. And the exact type of music they want to hear at precisely the right time throughout your evening reception at your wedding venue.

    If you want a high energy band able to give you the wedding party you deserve then our wedding function band will be ideal for you.  Contact band leader Andy Starkey to check on price and availability to hire a wedding band in 2025.


    2025 Wedding Band
    2025 Wedding Band

    Book a wedding band in 2025. 

    It’s incredibly simple to hire a wedding band for a 2025 wedding with ‘Punch The Air‘. Just get in touch us by filling in our contact form with as much information as possible and we’ll get back to you within 72 hours (Sometimes even sooner). We’ll let you know exactly what our charges are so you can make your mind up as soon as possible. Then all we require is a 50% deposit and return of our contract and you’ll be fully booked in with us. There is zero percent chance that we will ever cancel on you. And if (On the very, very off chance) band members happen to become ill, we have a plethora of professional musicians available to fill in last minute. This is exactly what you should be expecting form a professional wedding band.





    What we promise to give as your twenty twenty five wedding reception band.

    There’s no other 2025 wedding band that go further to fulfil your every dream on your special day. We will make sure that the volume of our equipment is perfect for the size of the room. While setting up you will barely hear any noise from us as we operate on a “Silent set-up” scenario. This means we don’t turn any guitar amplifiers on or hit any drums until we are completely ready to soundcheck. We will notify anyone in the room of our intentions to “Mix the room” appropriately. So they can either move to another room or simply understand better the task we are undertaking.

    How relaxed an affair does this sound like to you? It’s ideal surely? Once we’re set up for your wedding we’ll provide you with background DJ music services when we are not performing live until midnight. We’ll also include lighting for the dance-floor and stage area in our price. (We don’t like to say ‘Free of charge’ like some wedding bands do as nothing is free in life is it). 



    It’s time for live music with the best wedding band in the UK 2025

    Then sit back or rather stand up and get ready to dance. As the best wedding band in the UK 2025 handle your entire nights entertainment with two live high energy performances (Or one long one if you prefer) at your wedding party. Big indie tunes from Oasis, The Killers, Coldplay, Wheatus, Stereophonics, Kings Of Leon, Blink 182 and more. Also mixed in with huge chart hits from modern day back to the 1950s. Queen, Elvis, The Beatles, Florence + The Machine, The Human League, The Undertones and so much more in-between. These are all tried and tested songs we know you and all your guests already know and love. We won’t play anything too obscure, too loud, too slow or too inappropriate. Everything is going to be just perfect on your wedding day when you hire our professional group. Contact Andy for price and availability to book a band for a wedding reception. 

    Indie Pop Wedding Band

    Welcome to Punch The Air, the best indie pop wedding band you’ll ever hear! We’re a professional live band, and we’re dedicated to making your special day unforgettable. Whether you’re planning a wedding, party, or any other event, we’ve got you covered. If you like bands like The Killers, Kings Of Leon, Blink 182, Stereophonics, Kaiser Chiefs, Coldplay and more then we’re the band for you. With over a decade together together and years of experience we know how to get the party started and keep it going all night long. Contact band leader Andy Starkey to check on price and availability. 


    Indie Pop Wedding Band
    Indie Pop Wedding Band

    Why hire an indie pop wedding band?

    There are many reasons why Punch The Air is the best choice for your wedding band. Here are just a few of them:

    • Professionalism: We take our job seriously, and we’re always professional in everything we do. From our attire to our equipment, we ensure that everything is perfect for your big day.
    • Experience: We’ve been in the music industry together as the same band for over a decade, and we’ve played at countless weddings and events. This experience means we know how to read a crowd and keep everyone dancing.
    • Variety: We play a wide range of music, from classic hits to modern pop. We can even tailor our setlist to your preferences.
    • Quality: We use top-of-the-line equipment, and our sound is crystal clear. We’re not just a bunch of musicians playing together; we’re a professional band that will make your event sound amazing.
    • Energy: We love what we do, and our enthusiasm is contagious. We’ll bring high energy to your event and get everyone up and dancing along with us. You’ll find us bouncing around on stage too. 



    What Our Professional Group Offers.

    At Punch The Air, we offer a range of services to make your event unforgettable. Here’s what you can expect from us:

    • Live Performance: We’ll bring our high-energy performance to your event, playing a mix of classic hits and modern favourites.
    • Professional Sound and Lighting: Our state-of-the-art equipment ensures that your event sounds and looks amazing. We provide all the necessary sound and lighting equipment to make your event memorable.
    • DJ Service: We offer an iPad DJ service to keep the party going all night long. Band leader Andy Starkey will play a mix of music to keep everyone on the dance floor when the band aren’t performing live.
    • Bespoke Setlist: We’ll work with you to create a setlist that’s tailored to your preferences. We can play anything on our repertoire from indie pop to classic hits.
    • MC Service: We’ll keep your event running smoothly with our MC service. We’ll make announcements, introduce speakers, and keep everyone informed about what’s happening.
    • Pre-Event Consultation: We’ll contact you in plenty of time before your event to discuss your preferences and ensure that everything is planned to perfection.
    • Competitive Pricing: We offer competitive pricing without sacrificing quality. We believe that everyone should have access to great music for their event. And by supporting an independent band and not booking through an agency you WILL save hundreds of ££££.


    « of 2 »


    What does our Indie pop repertoire look like?
    • All The Small Things – Blink 182
    • Buck Rogers – Feeder
    • Cant Take My Eyes Of You – Muse
    • Chelsea Dagger – The Fratellis
    • Dakota – Stereophonics
    • Disco 2000 – Pulp
    • Don’t Look Back In Anger – Oasis
    • Friday I’m In Love – The Cure
    • I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor – Arctic Monkeys
    • I Predict A Riot – Kaiser Chiefs
    • Stacy’s Mom – Fountains Of Wayne
    • Mr Brightside – The Killers
    • Mrs Robinson – The Lemonheads
    • Never Gonna Give You Up – Foo Fighters
    • Parklife – Blur
    • Place Your Hands – Reef
    • Rocks – Primal Scream
    • Sex On Fire – Kings Of Leon
    • Song 2 – Blur
    • Teenage Dirtbag – Wheatus
    • There She Goes – The La’s
    • When You Were Young – The Killers
    • Wonderwall – Oasis
    • Yellow – Coldplay
    • (You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party!) – The Beastie Boys
    • and more killer indie tunes

    Then pop songs from all decades like:

    • Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrison
    • Cant Buy Me Love – The Beatles
    • Crazy Little Thing Called Love – Queen
    • Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen
    • Don’t You Want Me – The Human League
    • Ever Fallen In Love – Buzzcocks
    • Hound Dog – Elvis Presley
    • I’ll Be There For You (Theme from Friends) – The Rembrandts
    • I Love Rock ‘n Roll – Joan Jett
    • I’m A Believer – The Monkees
    • I Think We’re Alone Now – Tiffany
    • Johnny B Good – Chuck Berry
    • Shotgun – George Ezra
    • Shut Up And Dance – Walk The Moon
    • Summer Of ’69 – Bryan Adams
    • Sweet Home Alabama – Lynyrd Skynyrd
    • Teenage Kicks – The Undertones
    • Valerie – Amy Winehouse
    • You Really Got Me – The Kinks
    • You’ve Got The Love – Florence & The Machine
    • and lots more.

    Why Indie pop?

    Indie pop is the perfect genre for weddings and events. It’s fun, energetic, and appeals to a wide range of people. We love playing indie pop because it gets people up and dancing, and it’s always a crowd-pleaser. Here are some of the benefits of choosing an indie pop wedding band:

    • Crowd-Pleaser: Indie pop is a popular genre that appeals to a wide range of people. It’s a crowd-pleaser that will get everyone up and dancing.
    • Versatility: Indie pop covers a wide range of styles, from folk-inspired ballads to high-energy pop anthems. This versatility means we can tailor our setlist to your preferences and to the demand of guests on the dancefloor. Because we don’t use backing tracks and are 100% live we can easily move around songs in our set list as the night requires.
    • High Energy: Indie pop is known for its high energy, which makes it perfect for weddings and events. We’ll bring our enthusiasm to your event and get everyone dancing.
    • Timeless: Indie pop has been popular for decades, and it’s not going anywhere. It’s a timeless genre that will never go out of style.

    Testimonials for professional musicians.

    Don’t just take our word for it, here are a handful of lovely reviews previous wedding clients have left us over the last decade or so.

    Kelly Louise (Bride) – Wedding in Staffordshire
    “Where do I start ? Andy is just wonderful to communicate with, always very responsive and full of ideas and lots of laughs. The band pure and simple made our night. They are so accommodating, such genuine, lovely guys that love what they do. Not to mention that they are so humble with their obvious talents. We had no end of our guests raving about “Punch The Air”. We loved how they interacted with all, really got involved with our guests and actually it felt like they were part of our wedding guests. Wouldn’t think twice about booking them again. Great guys and so much fun to be around! Thank you Andy and Punch the Air”

    Dan Becker (Groom) – Wedding in Derbyshire
    “Absolutely great band and DJ service too, really get things going, work with the guests/crowd, energy and fun! Got us up on stage for some fun and great musicians too with broad repertoire. Andy’s comm’s when enquiring/booking/choosing tracks are great. Almost worth getting married again just to have an excuse to book them again. 100% recommended.”




    So you’ve decided we’re the professional musicians for your big day now and all you need to do is contact us to check on price and availabilty. 

    Beer Festival Band

    Indie rock cover bandPunch The Air‘ are also available to hire as a Beer Festival Band. We have performed at many ale festivals over the years also including as a Lichfield band at Guildhall Winter Ale Festival. It was our second appearance at this wonderful Staffordshire venue for their bi-yearly ale festival band. Punch The Air performed at the Guildhall for Lichfield Arts many years ago back in 2013 when we first formed our professional covers band. We’ve been asked many times since to return since. But unfortunately our busy schedule performing as a private party band and wedding band has always clashed with this fantastic festivals dates. Recently though the stars had aligned correctly and the time had come for our function band to return once again. Contact professional musician Andy Starkey to hire a band for a beer festival.

    Beer Festival Band
    Beer Festival Band

    Photos and video from this real ale festival.

    You can see how well our performances go down at beer festivals in the photographs and video below. Punters dancing, stopping and singing along to our huge cover version hits. ‘Punch The Air’ where big indie rocks. Our professional cover band have hundreds more videos you can view too.



    What will we perform as your craft ale festival band.

    Punch The Air‘ will perform two sets of indie rock anthems at your craft ale festival. We can also throw in chart music from modern day all the through the decades back to the 1950’s. Big tunes we we can play include the indie killers by Artic Monkeys, Kings Of Leon, Stereophonics, Blink 182, The Killers and more. Also huge hits from The Beatles, George Ezra, Amy Winehouse, Florence + The Machine, The Kinks and more.

    Lichfield Guildhall Beer Festival Band
    Lichfield Guildhall Beer Festival Band


    A beer festival performance is a great opportunity for you guys as potential clients to come and see our indie cover band perform live. We don’t often get the chance to perform publicly due to our heavy work schedule at private parties. You can hear how great we sound live and see what we look like while we’re performing as your indie covers band. Watch our high energy performances and listen as everyone sings and dances along to us. Come and have a chat with us before, in-between or after performances and ask us any questions you like. You’ll soon see why our clients say we’re a top rated party band. We’re incredibly friendly fellows who want you to make the most out of our services when you hire our professional party band.

    Book a Beer Festival Band

    You can hire our top rated party band ‘Punch The Air‘ for live entertainment as your beer festival band, hire a wedding party band, book a party band. Hire a birthday party band, charity event band or corporate event live band. Simply contact and advise us about your event and we’ll get back to you within two days with our price and availability. Book a wedding band in Staffordshire.



    Hire A November 2024 Wedding Band

    Are you looking to hire a November 2024 Wedding Band? Well, you’ve most definitely come to the right place. We are ‘Punch The Airindie rock wedding band also covering pop music from all types of popular music from the last 60 years. The Killers, Coldplay, Blink 182, George Ezra, The Beatles, Amy Winehouse…Yeah you know, those sorts of tunes that everyone knows and loves. We guarantee to make your wedding an amazing and memorable experience for you and all your guests. Punch The Air perform all over the UK and we’ll bring along all sound and lighting equipment needed to rock your whole wedding too. Contact band leader Andrew Starkey to check on price and availability to book a party band for your November 2024 wedding reception. 


    Hire A November 2024 Wedding Band
    Hire A November 2024 Wedding Band

    Hire a November 2024 Wedding Band

    We’ve got something for everyone in our high octane performances. Massive Classic Indie Rock Anthems from Coldplay, Arctic Monkeys, Feeder, Kings Of Leon, The Killers, Blink 182 and more. Then from the 1950s we’ve got Elvis & Chuck Berry, from the 1960s we’ve got The Beatles, The Monkees and Van Morrison, from the 1970s we’ve got The Buzzcocks, Queen and The Undertones, from the 1980s we’ve got Tiffany, Joan Jett, Bryan Adams and The Human League, from the 1990s we’ve got Chesney Hawkes, Alanis Morissette and The Rembrandts and from 2000 onwards we have Amy Winehouse, George Ezra, Florence + The Machine and loads more in-between from our repertoire. You’ll be glad you decided to hire a wedding band in November 2024.




    Punch The Air indie rock band show

    Crowd participation is a big part of our show, so come the end of the night at your November 2024 wedding you and all your guests will have hoarse throats and sore feet from all the singing and dancing you’ll have performed with us. When you book indie rock cover band ‘Punch The Air’ for your November twenty twenty two wedding we’ll take care of every part of the evenings entertainment for you, so you don’t need to think about organising anything else yourself.



    Included in the price is:

    DJ services throughout the entire evening until midnight (Extendable until whenever you like for an additional fee) and a state of the art PA system and lighting rig giving you the best sound and visuals for your special day.

    About ‘Punch The Air’ 2024 wedding group.

    Punch The Air‘ have been performing at wedding receptions since 2013 and this is what we all do for full time employment. We really know how to put on a great live show and keep guests happily singing and dancing away with us.

    We’ve performed everywhere you can possibly think of, such as huge 750 guest venues, small halls, on the back of moving vehicles, in circus tents, in a cow shed on a farm, in castles, on a boat, in stately manors and in marquees so we can handle any type of scenario thrown at us.




    Big clients we’ve performed for in the past are Coca-Cola, Lexus, Birmingham City Council, South Staffs Water & Water-Aid as well as many other high profile companies out there. We’ve also performed live at many small corporate parties too. Everyone always has a great 




    We know its hard to try and decide on booking a wedding cover band for your November two thousand and twenty four wedding…. Without even seeing them live. This is why we shoot Vlog  videos showcasing what happens from our point of view and what we’re capable of. So check out one of our latest weddings videos below. You might just be able to catch our wedding party band at a public performance if you’re lucky.



    Our wedding function band is based in The Midlands wedding band but perform live entertainment all over the country including Staffordshire wedding band, Leicestershire wedding party band, Nottinghamshire wedding reception band, Shropshire wedding band and more areas.  So contact now to check on our price and availability if you need a November 2024 wedding band.

    Testimonials of a November 2024 Wedding Band

    You can read all of our latest wedding client live party band reviews and you can find older ones below. Head over to Punch The Air Facebook to read over 100 positive reviews.

    “Both of us we would like to say a HUGE thank you for being apart of our wedding. You gave the evening the energy for people to be off their seats and dancing! You, along with the band were awesome and everyone complimented your talent, thanks guys!!” – Brittanie & Paul Taylor – Wedding October 2023

    “Such an amazing time!!! You guys are the best wedding band ever !!! Thank you so much xxx” Julie Heath – Wedding January 2022

    “Thank you for playing at our wedding at Somerford Hall. You were absolutely fantastic and we all had a great time! You created a great atmosphere and got everyone involved. We’ll definitely recommend the band to our friends and family :)” – Ming May Chung – Wedding December 2019

    “Thank you so much. You were everything we wanted and more at our wedding. There was entertainment from the band for everyone for the whole evening. Highly recommended.” – Stacey & Sam Wade – Wedding September 2019

    “We had a brilliant time, you really got the party going at our wedding. All our guests were dancing to the band all night long! Thanks very much for a fab evening!” – Alex & Paul Watkins – Wedding August 2016 

    November 2024 Wedding Band