What You Can And Cant Do At A Wedding With 30 Guests Covid-19 Coronavirus

We still live in uncertain times regarding weddings with the Covid-19 epidemic still around. Even with everything laid out by Prime Minister Boris Johnson on 23rd June 2020 the virus situation is still very unclear. Can you or can’t you currently get married with the outbreak still controlling the country? Should you even get married at this moment in time or should you still isolate or be in quarantine? How will your wedding be different to everything you ever dreamed it would be? Now that regular Government press conferences have ended how will you be able to keep up to date with the latest wedding Covid-19 do’s and don’ts? Below we outline what you can and cant do at a wedding with 30 guests during Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic. 

Wedding With 30 Guests
Wedding With 30 Guests

The bad news first.

Before we get into these questions and answers we have some bad news for you about wedding bands. Simply put, under the current government rules and guidelines (Correct as of 24th June 2020) you cannot have a live band perform at your wedding.  For this, any many other good reasons you might even ask yourself, “Is it worth getting married right now, even if I can?”

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Our previous post about Weddings With A Maximum Of 30 Guests threw up more questions than answers. So we’re going to attempt to answer some of the most asked questions here regarding Covid secure weddings. We will update this page regularly as and when the government provide us with more information. It will feature all the latest wedding rules during Coronavirus. So please remember to bookmark this page for future reference. You can also read more about planning or rescheduling your Coronavirus wedding in 2020 / 2021.

(Latest updates as of 29th June 2020 9:26pm)

Questions and answers about weddings with thirty guests.  What can I and what can’t I do at my wedding with 30 guests.

These are your unanswered questions about the new thirty guests at a wedding rule.

Can I get married now?

Yes, as of 4th July 2020 you can now get married…With up to 30 guests (Close friends and family only) attending your wedding ceremony at a place of worship. We assume that guests names and addresses will need to be supplied to assist with contact tracing.

Can I have a same sex civil partnerships wedding or civil ceremony?

Yes, as of 4th July 2020 you can now have same sex civil partnership wedding or civil ceremony…With up to 30 guests (Close friends and family only) attending your ceremony at a place of worship. We assume that guests names and addresses will need to be supplied to assist with contact tracing.

More of what you can and can’t do at weddings after Saturday 4 July 2020.


Can I get married in another venue thats not a place of worship/church?

The government have only stated that places of worship can reopen from 4th July 2020. There has been no mention of using none places of worship wedding venues where you can also get married. No current further information on register office or other previously approved venue is available.

Do bridesmaids, flower girls, ushers, groomsmen etc count towards my 30 guests?

Although unclear currently (The government couldn’t list every possible do and don’t) we would assume that yes, bridesmaids, flower girls, ushers, groomsmen etc do count towards your 30 guests.

Does the vicar/marriage officiant count as one of my 30 guests?

This is not been stated but we would assume not.

What You Can And Cant Do At A Wedding With 30 Guests Covid-19 Coronavirus
What You Can And Cant Do At A Wedding With 30 Guests Covid-19 Coronavirus

Entertainment, music and singing.

Can I have a wedding band play / have live music at my wedding?

No. Government guidelines state that you must “refrain from playing music or broadcasts that may encourage shouting, singing and chanting. Including if music is played at a volume that makes normal conversation difficult. You must avoid people needing to unduly raise their voices to each other. This is all to maintain social distancing when providing entertainment within or outside restaurants, pubs, bars and similar venues that serve food or drink. “And similar venues” we assume to mean weddings/wedding receptions. Helping to stop spread the infection is quite rightly more important than entertainment right now.

Can I have a band play at my wedding within a place or worship?

We are going to say no, but slightly unclear (See above answer)

Can we sing songs at our wedding?

No. You must refrain from singing at your wedding even if within a place of worship. This (as with everything on this page) is to mitigate the risks of contagion of Coronavirus transmission.

Can we dance at our wedding?

If you are not allowed wedding music of any kind then what will you actually be dancing to? The government state to “Prevent other close contact activities, such as communal dancing” but have not mentioned anything about the wedding couple dancing together. When in doubt use your common sense.

Questions and answers about the numbers of guests at a wedding and social distancing.

Is it 30 guests plus myself and my parter as the bride or groom or 28 guests plus the bride and groom?

Currently this is unclear. The UK government advise us to use our common sense for anything that is unclearly stated. We would suggest you only have 28 guests (Bride and groom making up the other 2 people). But we assume you could probably get away with 30 guests plus bride & groom.

If I book a wedding band for my wedding reception are they part of the 30 allowed guests?

Wedding bands and live music are currently not allowed at weddings of any kind. As to whether band members will be classed within your number of guests in the future is currently unclear. 

Do we still need to observe one plus metre social distancing rules with friends and family from outside our home at our wedding?

One plus metre social distancing should still be adhered to under all circumstances.

About the wedding breakfast and wedding reception.

Can we have a wedding breakfast with our 30 guests?

There is no mention of wedding breakfasts being allowed or not allowed to take place as of 23rd June 2020. We therefore assume you are not currently allowed to have a wedding breakfast (Sit down meal). All that is mentioned are wedding ceremonies.

Can we have an evening wedding reception?

Again there is no mention of wedding receptions either being able to take place or not take place. All that is mentioned is the (Daytime) wedding ceremony itself. So currently we would say no, you cannot have an evening wedding reception.

If I have a wedding reception, are waiting, serving and bar staff classed as guests?

Wedding receptions are currently a no-no situation. As to whether waiting, serving and bar staff will be classed within your number of 30 guests moving forward is currently unclear. Although we assume the number of guests will increase in the future and then waiting, serving and bar staff will be included in this number. Or a new separate number of “Staff” will be added to the equation.

Weddings and wedding parties at my own home.

Can I have a wedding inside or outside my home with more than one other household?

Although not officially stated for weddings, the rules on household social distancing have now been updated.  ANY NUMBER OF PEOPLE from TWO households can meet up inside your home or outside in your garden. But this is still from ONE other household. So no, you cannot have a wedding inside or outside your home with more than one other household. Also the vicar would we assume be classed as a different household too. 

Can I have a wedding party outside (Not at home) with more than one other household?

Social distancing rules still state that outdoors only 6 people (Total) from 6 different households can meet up. So that would be bride & groom (One household if no kids) then four members from ONE other household. We assume no one really wants to do this. So we would say no.

Further information about Covid-19 weddings.

There is some conflicting and confusing information in the guidelines laid out in “COVID-19 secure guidance for employers, employees and the self- employed 23 June 2020” section 4.5 Entertainment on page 25. Although not mentioning weddings as such we will (for now) assume it does mean anyone booking a wedding, wedding venue or wedding band. Even though you are not currently allowed a live band at your wedding. We believe these are more the procedures that will need to be taken in the future.

For instance under “Steps that will usually be needed” it states 

  • Determining the viability of entertainment and maximum audience numbers consistent with social distancing outside and within venues and other safety considerations.

But then goes on to state

  • Preventing entertainment, such as broadcasts, that is likely to encourage audience behaviours increasing transmission risk. For example, loud background music, communal dancing, group singing or chanting.

So determining then preventing? This just strengthens the fact that live music, or any music of any kind is not currently allowed at weddings (And elsewhere).

  • Reconfiguring indoor entertainment spaces to ensure customers are seated rather than standing. For example, repurposing dance floors for customer seating.

Again stressing that you cannot currently book a wedding band for your wedding or wedding reception. And you would reuse the areas guests would otherwise congregate on closely for other purposes.

Possible future changes to the rules.

  • Encouraging use of online ticketing and online or contactless payments for entertainment where possible.

No band is ever paid by contactless payment on the night of a wedding whether Covid-19 is present or not. This will be more to do with moving forward when social distancing is relaxed further at music venues.

  • Communicating clearly to customers the arrangements for entertainment and clearly supervising with additional staff if appropriate.

Wedding entertainment and live bands are not permitted at weddings currently. So no one will need to communicate the movements of wedding musicians. Again these will be steps for the future. 

Summing up the 30 wedding guests rule.

To sum up there is not currently 100% clarity on what you can and can’t do at a wedding with only 30 guests. If you want a fully functional/normal wedding then you may want to possibly hold off a little longer when social distancing restrictions will be lifted further. Then you will be able to have your wedding more like the way you have always dreamed of.

If you have any further questions regarding the above rules and regulations then please message us on our Facebook page. We will do our best to answer your questions as fast as possible.

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Sources of information and statements about weddings and entertainment:

Some information on this page is taken from the government paper “Keeping workers and customers safe during COVID-19 in restaurants, pubs, bars and takeaway services”. COVID-19 secure guidance for employers, employees and the self- employed. Published on 23 June 2020 (Download). The most relevant section for weddings and live entertainment is found on page 25 section 4.5 Entertainment. The rest of the information has been obtained by using our common sense from being a wedding supplier since 2013. We do not work for the government and any information displayed on this page can change at any time. 

HM Government Section 4.5 Entertainment Covid-19 Coronavirus
HM Government Section 4.5 Entertainment Covid-19 Coronavirus

One more thing to note:

The document states:

  • We will develop further guidance, based on scientific evidence, to enable these activities as soon as possible.

Which we assume means “Watch this space” regarding live music at weddings with 30 guests or more. Also indicating further changes to social distancing rules in the weeks to come.