21st June 2021 Wedding Band Covid-19 Coronavirus Restrictions Lifted Rules

Now is the time to finally book your June 2021 wedding band and get your big day back on track. On 22nd February 2021 in The Houses Of Parliament Prime Minister Boris Johnson revealed his Road Map out of lockdown including the restarting of weddings and wedding receptions. The information was again all restated and expanded on later in the evening at the 7pm briefing. Hire a professional wedding band ‘Punch The Air‘ (Formed way back in 2013) with many, many years of wedding experience. We have hundreds of reviews from previous wedding clients all happy to tell you exactly how we made their special day even better than they’d ever hoped.

If you’re into your indie rock (Oasis, Blink 182, Kaiser Chiefs, Kings Of Leon) but also want something for everyone else at your wedding (Elvis, Beatles, George Ezra, Amy Winehouse) then we are the perfect band so you. Contact now to secure a high energy wedding band guaranteed to get all your guests up dancing. You can book our wedding party band throughout the entire UK.

21st June 2021 Wedding Band Covid-19 Coronavirus Restrictions Lifted Rules
21st June 2021 Wedding Band Covid-19 Coronavirus Restrictions Lifted Rules

Currently the Covid Wedding Calendar is:

  • Monday 8th March 2021 – Step One – 6 guests in attendance
  • 12th April 2021 – Step Two – 15 guests in attendance
  • Monday 17th May 2021 – Step Three – 30 guests in attendance
  • 21st June 2021 – Step Four – All social contact limits due to end with wedding restrictions subject to review.

Although the caveat of “Subject to review” is in there relating to the four tests. We believe it’s a pretty safe bet to book your 2021 wedding for dates moving forward from 21st June 2021. As by this time most adults will all have been offered the vaccine. Don’t forget we are still honouring our 100% Covid Refund policy on 2021 weddings having to be canceled due to Covid for any reason.

As you will see each steps has at least five weeks between to ease lockdown measures in England. This is because it takes around four weeks for the data to show the impact of easing restrictions. Then the government will provide a further week’s notice to the public and businesses ahead of any further changes.

June 2021 Wedding
June 2021 Wedding

Hire a June 2021 Wedding Band

Don’t delay, book Punch The Air as your wedding band for Summer of 2021 including June 2021, July 2021 and August 2021. Or why not consider an Autumn or Winter 2021 wedding in September 2021, October 2021, November 2021 or even December 2021. You can finally have the big wedding day you always dreamed of. We’ll handle all your live music and will supply all lighting and sound equipment too. With prices starting from just £999 we’ll give you the most amazing wedding experience you’ll ever see. Watch all our videos that we’ve produced over the years. Most of which are filmed live at clients weddings. They show just how much everyone enjoys our high energy performances and get involved with it all too. Contact now before someone else steals your date.

What You Can And Cant Do At A Wedding With 30 Guests Covid-19 Coronavirus

Update 26th April 2021: Covid restrictions are starting to be lifted again and up to 15 guests are now allowed at weddings once again. When Covid restrictions ease further we will attempt to make sense of the specific rules and update this page.

You can read wedding band Punch The Air new page regarding getting your wedding back on track after 21st June 2021 which includes the Covid Wedding Calendar. This advises you how many guests can attend your weddings on which date of each of the four steps.

Previous Coronavirus wedding information.

Updated Wednesday 9th September 2020 – Social gatherings are back down to no more than six people but Weddings are excluded from this “Rule Of Six / 6 People Limit”. So read on…..We still live in uncertain times regarding wedding with 30 guests or wedding with 15 guests with the Covid-19 epidemic still around. Even with everything laid out by continuously by the government the virus situation is still very unclear. Can you or can’t you currently get married with the outbreak still controlling the country? Should you even get married at this moment in time or should you still isolate or be in quarantine? How will your wedding be different to everything you ever dreamed it would be? Are you allowed Covid wedding entertainment?

Good news: Rule Of Six / 6 People Limit does not affect Weddings. (Hands. Face. Space.)

Now that regular Government press conferences have ended how will you be able to keep up to date with the latest wedding Covid-19 do’s and don’ts? What WHO World Health Organization advise is often too long winded to read in its entirety for some people. Below we outline what you can and cant do at a wedding with 30 guests during Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic.  

Wedding With 30 Guests
Wedding With 30 Guests

Can a wedding band perform at my Covid wedding? The bad news first.

Before we get into these questions and answers we have some bad news for you about wedding bands. Simply put, under the current government rules and guidelines (Updated as of Wednesday 9th September 2020) you cannot have a live band perform at your wedding.  For this, any many other good reasons you might even ask yourself, “Is it worth getting married right now, even if I can?”

That said it’s never too early to book a wedding band for a future date. So why not book a Covid secure secure wedding bandPunch The Air‘ to take care of all of your live entertainment? With our Coronavirus Deposit Refund Guarantee you won’t loose anything if the virus is still around at the time of your wedding and need to cancel/delay. We’re Covid Compliant and ready to take your booking whenever you feel safe and ready to do so. Also don’t forget our No Price Increase Promise over 2020 and 2021 for Coronavirus weddings.

You can book us when you’re ready at todays prices until the end of 2021. Thats as long as someone else hasn’t already booked our wedding band on your wedding date. So contactPunch The Air‘ as soon as possible to check if your date is still available. 

Our previous post about Weddings With A Maximum Of 30 Guests threw up more questions than answers. So we’re going to attempt to answer some of the most asked questions here regarding Covid secure weddings. We will update this page regularly as and when the government provide us with more information. It will feature all the latest wedding rules during Coronavirus. So please remember to bookmark this page for future reference. You can also read more about planning or rescheduling your Coronavirus wedding in 2020 / 2021.

(Latest update Wednesday 9th September 4:30pm)

Questions and answers about weddings with thirty guests.  What can I and what can’t I do at my wedding with 30 guests.

These are your unanswered questions about the new thirty guests at a wedding rule.

Can I get married now?

Yes, as of 15th August 2020 you can now get married again…With up to 30 guests attending your wedding ceremony. Guests names and addresses will need to be supplied to assist with Test And Trace contact tracing. “Ceremonies need to be kept as short as reasonably possible. Limited as far as reasonably possible to the parts of the ceremonies that are required in order for the marriage or civil partnership to be legally binding”.

Can I have a same sex civil partnerships wedding or civil ceremony?

Yes, see above for marriages.

More of what you can and can’t do at weddings on / after Saturday 15th August 2020.


Can I get married in another venue thats not a place of worship/church?

Yes but marriage ceremonies should only take place at COVID-19 secure environments.

Do bridesmaids, flower girls, ushers, groomsmen, photographers, staff etc count towards my 30 guests?

Yes, bridesmaids, flower girls, ushers, groomsmen etc do count towards your 30 guests. This also includes photographers and security. But it does not include staff employed by the venue or any third party catering staff.

Does the vicar/marriage officiant count as one of my 30 guests?

Yes, your vicar/marriage officiant does count as one of my 30 guests

What You Can And Cant Do At A Wedding With 30 Guests Covid-19 Coronavirus
What You Can And Cant Do At A Wedding With 30 Guests Covid-19 Coronavirus

Entertainment, music and singing.

Can I have a wedding band play / have live music at my wedding?

No. Government guidelines state “At this time, venues should not permit indoor performances, including drama, comedy and music, to take place in front of a live audience. (Update to follow soon, possibly from 15th August 2020)”. Helping to stop spread the infection is quite rightly more important than entertainment right now. Can I have a band at my wedding covid? No.

Can I have a band play at my wedding within a place or worship, Covid secure wedding venue?

No although the guidance states “Where required for the marriage or civil partnership, only one individual should be permitted to sing or chant, and the use of plexi-glass screens should be considered to protect guests, as this will further prevent transmission and the screen can be easily cleaned.” So in theory a Covid Secure acoustic wedding singer musician could perform for you as you walk down the aisle. 

Covid Safe Wedding Band
Covid Safe Wedding Band

Can we sing songs / sing along at our wedding ceremony?

No. You must refrain from singing at your wedding ceremony. This (as with everything on this page) is to mitigate the risks of contagion of Coronavirus transmission.

Can we dance at our wedding?

If you are not allowed wedding music of any kind then what will you actually be dancing to? The government state “Wedding receptions or parties should not currently be taking place” but have not mentioned anything about the wedding couple dancing together. When in doubt use your common sense.

Questions and answers about the numbers of guests at a wedding and social distancing.

Is it 30 guests plus myself and my parter as the bride or groom or 28 guests plus the bride and groom?

It is 30 people at a wedding full stop. So that is the couple getting married plus 28 other people/guests.

If I book a wedding band for my wedding reception are they part of the 30 allowed guests?

Wedding bands and live music are currently not allowed at weddings of any kind. As to whether band members will be classed within your number of guests in the future is currently unclear. 

Do babies count as wedding guests covid?

Yes, babies are classed as a full guest at a covid wedding.

Do we still need to observe one plus metre social distancing rules with friends and family from outside our home at our wedding?

One plus metre social distancing should still be adhered to under all circumstances.

About the wedding breakfast and wedding reception.

Can we have a wedding breakfast / sit down meal with our 30 guests?

Yes, we presume…but this is still slightly muddy. The Government document states “Sit down meals for no more than 30 people and subject to Covid-19 Secure guidance. This change will not take place until at least 15 August, at the earliest.” So does that mean you can or you can’t have a wedding breakfast as long as with Coronavirus secure guidance is adhered to?

Can we have an evening wedding reception / wedding party?

No, not as in a wedding reception in a wedding venue. The guidelines state “Wedding receptions or parties should not currently be taking place.” But it then goes on to state “Any celebration after the ceremony should follow the broader social distancing guidance of involving no more than two households in any location or, if outdoors, up to 6 people from different households.”. Which we assume means along lines of its OK if you go back to someones house after the ceremony. NOT a full blown party in a wedding reception venue. 

If I have a wedding reception, are waiting, serving and bar staff classed as guests?

Wedding receptions are currently a no-no situation. As to whether waiting, serving and bar staff will be classed within your number of 30 guests moving forward is currently unclear. Although we assume the number of guests will increase in the future and then waiting, serving and bar staff will be included in this number. Or a new separate number of “Staff” will be added to the equation.

Summing up the 30 wedding guests rule.

There is a LOT of conflicting information supplied by the Government right now. And to sum up there is not currently 100% clarity on what you can and can’t do at a wedding with only 30 guests. If you want a fully functional/normal wedding then you may want to possibly hold off a little longer when social distancing restrictions will be lifted further. Then you will be able to have your wedding more like the way you have always dreamed of.

If you have any further questions regarding the above rules and regulations then please message us on our Facebook page. We will do our best to answer your questions as fast as possible.

Professional indie rock wedding band ‘Punch The Air’ would love to play a large or small part of your very special day once we are able to. We’ll give you two high energy live performances and include all sound and lighting equipment. Massive singalong tunes by Stereophonics, The Beatles, Oasis, Amy Winehouse and The Killers. Also huge chart pop by George Ezra, Queen, Kings Of Leon, Blink 182 and moreContact for price and availability to book a Staffordshire wedding band or a Derbyshire wedding band. Also book a band for a wedding in Shropshire and hire a wedding band in Leicestershire. In fact you can book ‘Punch The Air‘ for weddings all over the UK and beyond. We’ll come to you no matter where your wedding reception is.

Sources of information and statements about weddings and entertainment:

14th August 2020 – The most recent information on this page is taken from GOV.UK – Guidance COVID-19: Guidance for small marriages and civil partnerships (Updated 13 August 2020). 

Covid Secure Wedding Band

Punch The Air professional wedding band will follow all steps laid out by the government and wedding venues to make sure we are a Covid Secure Wedding Band for your wedding. The steps below will be taken to ensure your health is our number one priority. So why not book us in advance as your 2021 wedding band, 2022 wedding band or even 2023 wedding band with our money back Covid-19 guarantee? If you need to cancel due to any reason relating to the Coronavirus then you won’t lose any money.

Covid Secure Wedding Band
Covid Secure Wedding Band

Steps we have and will take to become a Covid Secure Wedding Band.

From the moment we arrive, then setting up, while performing live, then as we pack away and leave your wedding venue we will adhere to all rules and regulations related to being Coronavirus secure. The steps to run a COVID-19 secure environment include but are not limited to:

  • Keeping up to date with government guidelines for live music.
  • Agreeing to wedding venues Covid-19 terms and conditions for wedding bands. 
  • Carrying out risk assessments in line with HSE
  • Performing behind a perspex screen if required.
  • Social distancing to one plus metres away from other band members.
  • Social distancing to one plus metres away from wedding guests.
  • Marking safe zones on the stage area with tape on the floor.
  • Cleaning of equipment on a regular basis.
  • Regular use of hand sanitiser.
  • Face coverings and face masks.
  • Abiding to the NHS Test and Trace service.
  • Modified PPE is required.
  • Dep/Spare musicians on hand should band members need to self-quarantine. 
  • (This list is updated on a regular basis – Last updated 17th July 2020)  

    Covid Safe Wedding Band
    Covid Safe Wedding Band

Why hire a Coronavirus Secure Wedding Band now?

Hire a Coronavirus secure wedding band now as dates are fast disappearing due to the knock on effect the pandemic is having. (2020 dates affected by the virus being pushed into 2021. So there are less dates left in our calendar). We honestly believe you’ll be better off booking a Covid-19 secure wedding band now than later. All safe in the knowledge that if anything changes we always have your best interests at heart with 100% refund security. Prebook a wedding band now.

Covid Wedding Band
Covid Wedding Band

Prebook a Covid Wedding Band.

The R rate is dropping every day. Very soon we we will have the go ahead from the UK Government that live music is once again allowed. So we will be able to perform as a Covid wedding band once more.  Up to and beyond this news our Coronavirus Safe Professional Musicians will also continue to update this article with the latest information regarding live music at weddings. You can always put your trust in Coronavirus wedding entertainment specialists Punch The Air.

Wedding Band Covid Secure
Wedding Band Covid Secure

Booking professional musicians for a wedding.

Punch The Air‘ were established as a wedding band back in 2013 and have received over 100 5 Star positive reviews. We perform huge indie rock songs as well as amazing chart hits from modern day back through the decades. We’ll mix up The Killers with The Beatles. Then Stereophonics alongside George Ezra. Also Blink 182 with Amy Winehouse.

Coronavirus Secure Wedding Band
Coronavirus Secure Wedding Band

Everyone will know and absolutely love every song our live band will perform for brides, grooms and guests. Each song will be performed with tonnes of high energy on stage by our professional musicians. You’ll be amazed as this vitality rubs off onto wedding guests on the dance-floor as they also party along with us. Contact to check on availability and also a price for a Covid safe wedding band for your Covid-19 wedding.

Coronavirus Wedding Entertainment
Coronavirus Wedding Entertainment

Weddings With A Maximum Of 30 Guests

1st February 2021: This page will next be updated when we are out of Lockdown 3. In the meanwhile please consider booking your wedding from at least October 2021 onwards. 

The Coronavirus pandemic had been a very trying time for brides and grooms still wanting to tie the knot and get married. The Covid-19 pandemic has meant that wedding dates have been pushed further and further back. The outbreak has had such an affect that some wedding plans have been put on hold permanently. All delays were serious disappointments for brides and grooms. But now, with the epidemic easing, the time has come to finally book a wedding once again. Although it’s not quite time to book a wedding band yet as live music is still not allowed at weddings with a maximum of 30 guests. (Read our constantly up to date article on What You Can & Can’t Do At A Wedding With Thirty Guests with the new rules on and after Saturday 4th July 2020).

Weddings With A Maximum Of 30 Guests
Weddings With A Maximum Of 30 Guests

You can now finally book weddings with a maximum of 30 guests.

With the fantastic news that Covid-19 lockdown social distancing restrictions have been relaxed further. So you can now book a wedding venue with a maximum of 30 guests. But there are certain restrictions being applied to your Covid secure wedding. What you can and can’t do at a wedding with 30 guests is a very long list of mostly unanswered questions. Being a three piece wedding band makes ‘Punch The Air‘ the ideal choice for your special day when it’s finally possible to have live bands again. As we will only be taking up 10% of your allotted thirty guests. Or you can hire Andy Starkey solo acoustic wedding musician and still have 29 guests remaining.

In the weeks and days before your wedding we encourage you to still be alert and vigilant to avoid catching the respiratory illness. Avoid close contact with people from outside your family and always stick to the new 1 metre plus social distancing rules. Always still try to stay at home as much as possible. Check the latest UK updates from WHO World Health Organization. All of which will help lead to a safer wedding for you and your guests.

Should any of your guests fall ill and not be able to attend your wedding reception and need to self-quarantine then you could always utilise apps to host Zoom Weddings and Facetime weddings. This way then can still be a part of your very special day. You don’t need to cancel or postpone your wedding any more. It’s time to get back to normal. 

Our attitude towards your booking and you during Covid-19. Weddings With A Maximum Of 30 Guests

What makes ‘Punch The Air‘ completely different compared to any other wedding band out there is our fair attitude towards your Coronavirus affected wedding.

You can book a wedding band when you’re ready at todays prices. Read our article on how to plan or reschedule a Covid-19 wedding in 2020 & 2021 and you’ll be a lot more relaxed about everything when you book a wedding function band

Handling thirty guests at a wedding

While at your wedding your venue will no doubt be utilising contact tracing via mobile phone apps. Also by obtaining details of each guest so they can trace each person in the event of an outbreak. All of which are nothing to be worried about of course. As all of this will already be taking place in pubs and restaurants.

Three piece wedding band or solo wedding musician for your wedding.

Established in 2013 three piece wedding band ‘Punch The Air’ when allowed will give you the amazing wedding you’ve been waiting so long for. For weddings with a maximum of 30 guests when the government give the say to allow live music we’ll still give you two high energy live performances. Plus all sound and lighting equipment included in the price you pay. This way all you brides & grooms plus all your guests can finally have the wedding party you’ve been dreaming of. Big massive indie rock numbers from The Killers, Stereophonics, Oasis & Kings Of Leon. Then big pop chart hits from George Ezra, Queen, Amy Winehouse, The Beatles and so much more.

30 Guests Wedding Band
30 Guests Wedding Band

Everyone will know every song we’ll perform live and will spend the whole night dancing along to our big wedding tunes. We’ll even throw in iPad DJ services throughout your entire evening wedding reception too. From the moment we’re set up until midnight we’ll spin you all your favourite tracks at no extra cost. You can also extend the night out past 12am with our late night DJ services. This is all of course when social distancing rules are relaxed further. As currently wedding bands are not allowed to perform live music at weddings. 

If you’d prefer to hire a solo wedding musician in the evening then Andy Starkey Solo can be booked for a wedding reception too. He’ll perform uptempo solo acoustic music but will still bring along a full PA system and lighting rig. As with the above he’ll also provide you with DJ services too at no extra cost. Even with only 30 guests at a wedding a fantastic time can still be had by all when allowed.

Wedding With Thirty Guests
Wedding With Thirty Guests

Hosting a wedding with thirty guests.

Read our new thirty guests weddings do’s and don’t page for more information. But at least you can once again have your wedding with 30 guests your way. And when social distancing rules are relaxed further you can hire a wedding band too. So contact wedding band ‘Punch The Air‘ for price and availability for your 30 guest wedding reception. With over 100 independent reviews you can put your trust in our professional musicians to give you the wedding of a lifetime. Read more about how we’re helping clients during the one time contagious and infectious Coronavirus. Then look over our Facebook profile to check our credentials and claims for more regular updates to hire a wedding band.

Book a wedding band for a Staffordshire wedding or a Derbyshire wedding. Hire a wedding band in Shropshire, book a wedding band in Leicestershire. Furthermore you can hire a wedding band throughout the whole of the UK.

Drive-In Concert Band Live Music & Car Park Party

Hire a drive-in concert band for your outdoor festival. Yes, you really now that open air cinemas and empty car parks are being turned into live music venues.  Don’t let Covid-19 Coronavirus stop you from enjoying yourself any longer. It doesn’t matter if you holding your concert in an outdoor exhibition space, having a party in the park or disused car park. Indie cover band ‘Punch The Air‘ will be there to provide high energy live entertainment for all your punters while they adhere to social distancing measures safely seated in their cars, vans and vehicles. Massive singalong anthems to lift spirits like ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger‘ by Oasis, ‘All The Small Things‘ by Blink 182. Also ‘Dakota‘ by Stereophonics and ‘Sit Down‘ by James (How ironic eh). As well as classic party hits by Queen, The Beatles, Amy Winehouse, George Ezra and more

Drive-In Concert Band
Drive-In Concert Band

Hire a Drive-In Concert Band

So get ready to pull your car up into the car park or field. Also don’t forget to make sure theres two metres distance from the vehicle next to you. Wind those windows down (Or turn your stereo on in some cases). And you will hear indie rock party bandPunch The Air‘ performing live at the drive in concert. You can even honk those horns in appreciation rather than clapping. Stick your head out of your sunroof and singalong with us. It will be easy to stay safe at the live music event with staff assisting you with social distancing rules. Concerts and dates are selling out fast so it’s best to book your live band as soon as possible. Organise a Covid secure event now and help kickstart the economy again. We’ll be working to UK government guidelines and WHO World Health Organization facts to help everyone (Including us) stay safe. 

Organising a Car Park Party

By staging a car park party drive in concert and booking a band you will be helping our musicians get back to working/performing and earning money to pay bills again. Finally you can get creative and organise an open air concert now for your area or council. Contact for more information or visit our Facebook page.

Car Park Party
Car Park Party




If your holding a drive-in concert in Staffordshire, Shropshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, West MidlandsEast Midlands. Also Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Nottinghamshire or any other area in the UK then contact for price and availability. We will do out utmost best to adhere to your specific rules & regulations throughout your live event as Covid-19 restrictions are slowly lifted. 

Covid-19 Drive-In Live Concert
Covid-19 Drive-In Live Concert

Refunding Weddings Due To The Coronavirus

Wedding Refund Coronavirus information. If you have to cancel your 2021 wedding due to the Coronavirus we promise to give you 100% of your deposit back. Your confidence in our professional wedding band is worth more to us than anything else, including money. We want nothing more than for you to be safe and happy when booking or rearranging a wedding date with our indie rock wedding band. Read our articles on Covid-19 Weddings with a maximum 30 guests and our daily updated article on everything you can and can’t do at a Coronavirus effected wedding. We are constantly keeping up to date (and keeping you up to date) with all the latest Coronavirus advise from WHO World Health Organization and the UK Government.

We promise you we won’t be increasing our prices in 2021 so book a wedding band when YOU are ready. Thinking of planning or rescheduling a wedding during Coronavirus outbreak? Here’s solid advise from a professional wedding band on the knock on effects of the pandemic. Also how we’re helping you organise and book your Covid secure wedding and wedding band.

Wedding Refund Coronavirus
Wedding Refund Coronavirus

Wedding Refund Coronavirus due to Covid-19

  • Deposits 100% refunded if you cancel your 2021 wedding due to Coronavirus.

In these strange and trying times professional wedding band ‘Punch The Air’ want you to know that we understand what you are going through. The uncertainty, the worries and in some cases the heartbreak. Thats why we promise to 100% refund your deposit if you have to cancel your 2021 wedding due to the Coronavirus. We will even 100% refund your deposit if you postpone your 2021 wedding to a later date and we are subsequently not available. (Due to already being out performing at another clients wedding).

We believe that you should NOT be out of pocket because of something that is completely out of your control. Many of our wedding clients have already successfully moved their weddings to later in 2021 or in some cases 2022. And we are completely fine with you doing the same if necessary. 

Refunding Weddings Due To The Coronavirus
Refunding Weddings Due To The Coronavirus

Confidently continue arranging your 2021 wedding.

This is also a great opportunity for new clients. You can get on with planning your twenty twenty one wedding band and not have to put it on hold due to Covid-19 anymore. You can book indie wedding band ‘Punch The Air’ live wedding entertainment for a 2021 wedding date not too far in the future. If by chance everything still isn’t back to normal close to when your 2021 wedding is we can simply refund you and you won’t lose any money what so ever. Or we can work together as your wedding reception band to find a new date that suits both of us.

Wedding Refund Coronavirus.

Cases when we will 100% refund your deposit due to Covid-19:

  1. You have a 2021 booking with us already and you need to reschedule due to the Coronavirus. But we are not available on your date – Full deposit refunded
  2. You’ve decided to completely cancel your 2021 wedding due to the Coronavirus outbreak and are not rearranging – Full deposit refunded
  3. You decide to scale back your 2021 wedding and no longer have the budget for live entertainment – Full deposit refunded

Changing your Wedding Party Band date

Our professional wedding band ‘Punch The Air‘ are sure that you want us to perform for you still on your special day. You spent a long time searching for us didn’t you. A highly recommended wedding band, a top rated party band that will keep all your guests dancing the whole night long. Who wants to go through the entire process of finding a new band all over again? We hope that you will you’ll work alongside us to help find multiple dates that work for both of us. Read about rescheduling your wedding due to the Coronavirus then get in contact to let us know however you’d like us to handle your wedding. 

Coronavirus Advice: Planning or rescheduling your Wedding in 2020 / 2021

Coronavirus advice you’ve probably not even considered…..We understand that no one really wants to think about 2021 or 2022 yet. What with everything thats currently going on across the world with the Covid-19 pandemic. Whether you want to believe it or not though it has and continues to affect every single wedding supplier in the wedding industry. Also it continues to affect every person on the planet. One way or another too. Previously it had massively affected 2020 weddings and 2021 weddings. And it’s now even affecting 2022 weddings and twenty twenty three weddings too. Heres how were helping you organise a Covid secure wedding and book a Covid secure wedding band.

Keeping you up to date with all the latest Coronavirus party band news.

Punch The Air‘ have lots more Covid-19 articles to help you make sense of all the latest regulations when hiring a live band during the Coronavirus outbreak. We are constantly updating these articles from UK Government Guidelines and from WHO World Health Organization information. 

Coronavirus Advice Planning Rescheduling Wedding 2020 2021
Coronavirus Advice Planning Rescheduling Wedding 2020 2021

The Coronavirus in 2020 is already affecting future 2021 wedding bookings.

Brides & grooms looking to book 2021 wedding entertainment, wedding venues etc need to be aware that the coronavirus in 2020 is having a knock on effect into 2021 already. Wedding advice coronavirus: Most of our wedding live music bookings in 2020 affected by the Covid-19 pandemic are being rescheduled and moved forward by one year into 2021. Therefore many, many 2021 wedding dates have already been secured by 2020 clients. Rescheduling weddings will no doubt be the same across the board with all other wedding musicians and wedding suppliers across the UK.

Coronavirus Advice: Planning a 2021 wedding.

If you are planning on getting married next year in 2021 we urge you to get in contact with your potential wedding band, wedding venue, wedding photographer etc ASAP. As stated above 2021 dates are being used up by 2020 wedding clients rescheduling their weddings due to the Coronavirus. If you don’t take immediate action and start confirming your wedding venue, and wedding band etc you may find yourself disappointed. Your preferred wedding date, band, photographer or videographer may have already been taken by Coronavirus rescheduled parties.

Coronavirus Advice: Rescheduling 2020 weddings affected by Covid-19 pandemic.

If you have a wedding booked over the forthcoming weeks or months in 2020 and want to postpone or reschedule it to later in year in 2020 or to the following year 2021 then please contact your wedding suppliers ASAP to check on their future availability. The sooner you do this the better. It will give you more of a chance to again secure your preferred wedding band or wedding supplier for your wedding day.

It really is quite the scramble right now. So the sooner you start your enquires the less hassle and stress its going to be in the long run. Preparation and good planning is everything when it comes to weddings. And the rescheduling and replanning of weddings is no different.

There are less available wedding dates in 2021 due to Coronavirus.

So far ‘Punch The Air’ indie rock wedding band have been able to help out all of our current 2020 wedding clients. They all got in touch with us quick enough looking to reschedule their wedding dates. As stated above though the problem is that there are now a lot less 2021 wedding dates left available. Possibly we are going to reach the point where there aren’t enough dates left in the year. And we wont be able to accomodate new wedding bookings in 2021. So do please get in contact ASAP to check on our availability and price. Also remember to do so with your other chosen wedding suppliers as well. Photographers especially. Professional wedding band ‘Punch The Air’ here to help you and offer you advise from many years in the wedding industry. So ask us anything you like.