Amy Winehouse Valerie Live Cover Version Video

Indie Wedding band ‘Punch The Air’ Amy Winehouse Valerie live cover version video shows exactly what happened all night at this brilliant festival party held by Garry & Sam. We all had an amazing time at this Worcs party band. Sometimes all it takes is a short clip of a single moment, of a single song to sum up what an entire night was like. This clip is raw, straight out of the camera. Theres no trickery afterwards to make anything sound better, we really do sound this good live. The original of this song was produced by Mark Ronson. Ronson’s second studio album Version featured cover versions of many great songs by artists such as Lily Allen, Daniel Merriweather & Robbie Williams.

Amy Winehouse Valerie Live Cover Version Video

Watch as guests go crazy to our Amy Winehouse Valerie Live Cover Version Video. Andy from the band loves it when punters on the dancefloor take over and sing the songs themselves. He’s able to just rock out playing bass guitar then and bask in the glory of the event. In our repertoire we also perform other female lead singer songs by artists like Florence + The Machine, Tiffany, Joan Jett and Alanis Morissette.

Amy Winehouse Valerie Live Cover Version Video
Amy Winehouse Cover Version

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