Wedding Guests Go Crazy

When you’ve been around as long as Indie Rock cover band Punch The Air have (since 2013) you think you’ve seen it all, then wedding guests go crazy and do something new. Just like the below wedding band video of what happened at a recent indie wedding….Suddenly you’re glad you spent time setting up video cameras to capture it for all the world to see. Indie wedding band ‘Punch The Air‘ smash to smithereens what you once thought a wedding band was supposed to be. At your wedding party band everyone will be going absolutely crazy for our blend of indie rock covers and chart pop music from the last 60 years. You want to hear Blur, The Killers, King Of Leon, Kaiser Chiefs, The Fratellis and more indie rock cover band songs.

Wedding Guests Go Crazy
Wedding Guests Go Crazy

You’re family and friends will want to hear Elvis Presley, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Chesney Hawkes, The Monkees, The Beatles, Amy Winehouse. Contact indie cover band ‘Punch The Air‘ to check on price and availability for your indie rock wedding band. Find out more about what we can bring as your wedding band. Book live entertainment for a wedding.

When Wedding Guests Go Crazy

What occurred here was a wedding guest was happily dancing along to indie wedding band ‘Punch The Air’. He then pulled up a chair and his friends pushed him around the dancefloor for a while. All reasonably fine so far right? For whatever reason then (Lets presume he’d had a lot of alcohol to drink) he decided to stand up on the chair on the dance-floor. His friends then decided it would be really funny to push him off his chair. Luckily the wedding guest wasn’t injured and continued to party along to our live wedding entertainment band. Book a Lichfield wedding band.

So what specific song makes wedding guests go crazy like this? Apparently its Tubthumping by Chumbawama. “I get knocked down, but I get up again” how apt eh….So either do or don’t request this song at your peril at your wedding venue and see what happens. You have been warned 🙂 Book a Wedding Reception Band for your wedding venue.

Both videos on this page were filmed at Norbury Village Hall, Norbury, Bishops Castle, Shropshire, SY9 5DX. Below you will see our live wedding function band promo video of many songs from this wedding venue.

Contact ‘Punch The Air’ to check on our price and availability for your live wedding entertainment. Find out more about the band. Book a Staffordshire wedding band or hire a Warwickshire Wedding band. Book a wedding band in Shropshire.

Amy Winehouse Valerie Live Cover Version Video

Indie Rock wedding band ‘Punch The Air’ Amy Winehouse Valerie live cover version video shows exactly what happened all night at this brilliant festival party held by Garry & Sam. We all had an amazing time at this Worcs party band. Sometimes all it takes is a short clip of a single moment, of a single song to sum up what an entire night was like. This clip is raw, straight out of the camera. Theres no trickery afterwards to make anything sound better, we really do sound this good live. The original of this song was produced by Mark Ronson. Ronson’s second studio album Version featured cover versions of many great songs by artists such as Lily Allen, Daniel Merriweather & Robbie Williams.

Amy Winehouse Valerie Live Cover Version Video


Watch as guests go crazy to our Amy Winehouse Valerie Live Cover Version Video. Andy from the band loves it when punters on the dancefloor take over and sing the songs themselves. He’s able to just rock out playing bass guitar then and bask in the glory of the event. In our repertoire we also perform other female lead singer songs by artists like Florence + The Machine, Tiffany, Joan Jett and Alanis Morissette. You can even hire a female lead singer with our party band and we will become a four piece band. Nina will take lead vocals on many of our pop songs during your party.

Amy Winehouse Valerie Live Cover Version Video
Amy Winehouse Valerie Live Cover Version Video

Indie Covers Band types of functions.

You can hire indie covers band ‘Punch The Air’ for any type of event that you require live entertainment at. That might be:

You’ll get two live performances, PA system speaker, mixing desk, lighting for stage area, lighting for the dancefloor. We even give you iPad DJ services all included in the price.

Indie Function Band Extras

We have lots of extras you can book too like

All you need to do now is contact us and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours with a quote to book a party band.

Acoustic Solo Wedding Musician Videos

Here is the full set of videos from throughout the years of Andy Starkey acoustic solo performances as an acoustic solo wedding musician. On this page you’ll find lots of live wedding and bar performances of pop tunes from old to new plus some fun with theme tunes. Not just a solo artist but also available as a full band you can also hire an indie rock wedding bandPunch The Air‘. Stop what you’re doing right now and contact to hire a solo wedding musician or full three piece electric band.

Acoustic Solo Wedding Musician
Acoustic Solo Wedding Musician

Acoustic Solo Wedding Musician Videos

“If I Needed Someone” by The Beatles filmed in and around Liverpool.

Andrew Starkey is a massive Beatles fan and so decided to cover this George Harrison track from Rubber Soul. He then took it one step further, drove up to Liverpool and spent the day filming this video in and around famous Beatles spots and Beatles home addresses.

The Cavern Club, Liverpool appearance.

You read that right, The Cavern Club Liverpool. Andy has even performed live at the most prestigious venue in the whole of the UK. This was a dream come true for him as I’m sure you can image.

Acoustic Solo Wedding Musician Lisa & Jays Wedding Reception.

Andy performing at a Staffordshire wedding venue for Lisa & Jays weddings reception. The venue couldnt work out how to play their special first dance song over their in-house PA system so Andy performed Wonderwall by Oasis live for them then broke out the party songs below.

Live at an Edgbaston Bar

Andy performing live at a bar in Edgbaston, Birmingham, Midlands during the late afternoon for their first anniversary birthday party.

Live performances in a Staffordshire bar featuring songs from the year 2000 and beyond.

Performing songs at a bar in Staffordshire by The Killers, Kings Of Leon,  Amy Winehouse, Florence + The Machine, Stereophonics and Blink 182.

Live performances in a bar featuring songs from the 1990’s.

Tracks by Oasis, James, The La’s, Deep Blue Something, Ricky Martin and The Mavericks.

Live performances in a bar of songs from the 1980’s.

Bringing you huge 80’s tunes by Rick Astley, Soft Cell and Tears For Fears.

Live performances in a bar of songs from the 1970’s.

Massive 70s hits by Lynyrd Skynyrd, Queen, Undertones, The Clash & Pink Floyd. 

Live performances from an Acoustic Solo Wedding Musician in a bar of songs from the 1960’s and 50’s.

Taking it all the way back to the 1950s & 60s with live songs by Bill Haley & His Comets, The Beatles, The Monkees, Van Morrison, Simon & Garfunkel, Ben E King. 

Shropshire Bar Performance Acoustic Solo Wedding Musician.

Andy performing Tainted Love by Soft Cell & I’m A Believer by The Monkees at a Shropshire bar.

Midland Swanky bar promo video featuring Andy Starkey. 

While Andy was performing at this Midlands bar they were also shooting a promo video for the pub there. All live music you can hear was performed live by Andy. He also pops up in the video from time to time as well.

Theme Tune Thursday ‘Baywatch Theme’

Andy is one of those musicians that is always up for trying something different which is why he started his ‘Theme Tune Thursdays’ set of videos. Here he is performing the Theme to Baywatch “I’m Always Here” originally sung by Jimi Jamison from ‘Eye Of The Tiger’ Rocky theme fame band Survivor.

Theme Tune Thursday ‘Rastamouse’

Andys favourite kids theme tune of recent was ‘Rastamouse’ so he worked it out and performed it live in the below video.

Theme Tune Thursday ‘Button Moon’

A request from a fan, this sad little tune was recorded on a scorching hot Summers day.

Theme Tune Thursday – ‘Son’s & Daughters’ Acoustic Solo Wedding Musician

Another scorching hot Summer’s day in Staffordshire and another theme tune. This time its Australian TV series ‘Sons and Daughters’ which ran from 1982 to 1987. Written by Peter Pinne & Don Battye and originally performed by Mick Leyton and Kerrie Biddell. This is the version that some people say is in 3/4 timing, but Andy believes its actually in 6/8 timing.

Salford Evesham Wedding Band – What The DJ Saw

Tim and Lucy had wedding party band Punch The Air perform as their Salford Evesham wedding band and what an amazing time everyone had. We performed huge Indie rock wedding band numbers and a great selection of music from current day right back to the 1950’s so everyone was catered for. If this sounds like the kind of thing you want at your wedding reception then contact wedding reception band ‘Punch The Air‘ to check on our price and availability.

Salford Evesham Wedding Band

Salford Hall was built in the 14th century as a living space for monks from the nearby Evesham Abbey. Of course it has since been converted into a wonderful hotel for weddings, corporate events, live music events and much more. It features thirty six traditional style bedrooms, a coach house, feature period paneling and chandeliers and even 4-poster beds. This is a fantastic wedding venue due it being in Wychavon near to the localities of Worcester, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Cheltenham and Gloucester. Emily Louise and the rest of the team there couldn’t be nicer, they even made us a cup of tea upon arrival, this was a great start to the night for our live wedding band.

Salford Evesham Wedding Band
Salford Evesham Wedding Band

How clients trust us to handle their live entertainment

As with most other wedding clients Lucy & Tim had found us online, we’d never met them personally before, nor had we performed at the Worcs wedding venue previously. Most of our clients decide to book us based on the high quality of live video footage we constantly produce. Otherwise it’s via a recommendation from someone whose seen us as a wedding party band before.  You can see more of Salford Hall wedding band party band videos before you hire a wedding band in Evesham.

Salford Hall Hotel Evesham Wedding Band
Salford Hall Hotel Evesham Wedding Band

Lucy & Tim had seen our indie rock wedding band videos online and just knew straight away we were the band to handle live entertainment at their wedding. With about 80 evening guests to entertain and quite a smallish area to set up in (Encroaching slightly onto the dance-floor unfortunately due to it being set back too far) our wedding cover band still knew we could give Lucy, Tim, all their family and friends a night they would never forget. They loved our high energy wedding entertainment and so will you.  We performed massive danceable tracks from Queen, The Killers, George Ezra, Oasis, Amy Winehouse, Blink 182, The Beatles and more

Live Wedding Band In Worcestershire
Live Wedding Band In Worcestershire

DJ Services

At Salford Hall Hotel you get DJ services included in your wedding package (Otherwise its no problem for ‘Punch The Air‘ to handle this aspect at any wedding too) and resident disc jockey DJ Rob Bates from R&D Entertainments was on hand. DJ Rob is the type of professional who really knows his stuff. He actually cares about what he’s playing, tailoring the music around what the crowd want to hear. 

Evesham Wedding DJ
Evesham Wedding DJ

What The DJ Saw.

DJ Rob is such a lovely guy that off his own back he shot some video footage on his phone. Subsequently he then very kindly sent them over to Andy who created this “What The DJ Saw” video from it. As you will see Lucy & Tim had an amazing time with ‘Punch The Air‘ performing live for them. The bride, groom and all their guests danced and sung their hearts out all night long as you can see below. We had lots of very flattering comments from guests on the night, some of which had come from as far away as Manchester and Bedfordshire.

Are you considering a Salford Evesham Wedding Band?

If so then you should check out the seven, yes SEVEN reviews we had from this one wedding there alone. That’s not just from the bride, groom, family members….Reviews also came in from the venue itself and the DJ. Our wedding function band definitely left a great mark and can’t wait to return back there again soon. If you want to enquire on our price and availability for your wedding then please contact ‘Punch The Air’.

An Evesham Wedding Band
An Evesham Wedding Band
Wedding Band Near Evesham
Wedding Band Near Evesham

Punch The Air Review
Punch The Air Review




Having a wedding reception somewhere else in Evesham?

Punch The Air are also available to perform at other Evesham Worcestershire wedding band venues such as:

  • Cotswold House Hotel & Spa
  • Deer Park Hall
  • Dumbleton Hall Hotel
  • Evesham Hotel
  • Hilton Puckrup Hall
  • Kings Hotel
  • Northwick Hotel
  • Raphaels Restaurant & Garden
  • Sudeley Castle
  • Upper Court
  • Vale Gold & Country Club
  • Wood Norton
  • and many other Evesham wedding venue.

You can also check out more photos from this wedding on our photos page.

Wedding Reception Time-Lapse

Always trying to think of something different for potential clients to see Andy Starkey from ‘Punch The Air‘ Staffs indie rock cover band created this wedding reception time-lapse video. It was shot on Rebecca & Matt’s special day in Staffordshire wedding band. ‘Punch The Air‘ perform indie rock covers for you, the bride and groom. We perform songs by Blink 182, Muse, Arctic Monkeys, Ocean Colour Scene. Also Indie bands like Primal Scream, Kings Of Leon, The Killers and more from our repertoire. For your guests, work colleagues, friends and family we’ll give them wedding party band songs by Van Morrison, The Beatles. Furthermore Amy Winehouse, George Ezra and more. Contact us for your farm barn wedding band as soon as possible. Check availability to avoid disappointment as we’re a very busy wedding function band

Wedding Reception Time Lapse
Wedding Reception Time Lapse

Wedding Reception Time-Lapse video

Andy Starkey from Staffordshire indie rock wedding band ‘Punch The Air’ is crazy mad into videography. He loves to try out new ideas that no other live wedding entertainment band has thought of before. Sometimes he’ll be watching a TV show or film and think to himself “How did they achieve this” and then attempt to recreate it when you hire an indie rock wedding band. The audio featured in this video is our wedding cover band studio recording (Non live for a change) of ‘I Love Rock & Roll’ by Joan Jett.

Andy is one of the hardest working wedding musicians in the industry. Most other bands just chill out before and in-between live wedding performances. Not Andy, he’s running around, setting up video cameras and lighting. He has a massive array of cameras and lenses.  Therefore his is able to capture the wedding reception band and guests in all it full glory. Becca & Matts Wedding Reception Time-Lapse video was recorded over two entire sets. It then took Andy a further 5 hours to edit the wedding video into what you see above.

Shropshire Function Band – Vlog 002

Punch The Air‘ had a blast at a festival style wedding fair at Brook House Farm in Shrewsbury for Shropshire Wedding Band and here are our experiences and all the fun we had performing live and mucking around with the other exhibitors there. Watch us prove how we are the best Shropshire Function Band, then contact us for a quote.

Shropshire Function Band
Shropshire Function Band

Live entertainment songs performed in Shrops are Dakota by Stereophonics, I’m A Believer by The Monkees, Mr Brightside by The Killers. Wonderwall by Oasis, Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd, Sex On Fire by Kings Of Leon, Hey Jude by The Beatles. We also decided to learn and play the Game Of Thrones theme tune for a chuckle. Shropshire function band ‘Punch The Airindie rock function band repertoire will show you our full set of amazing pop tunes from modern day back through the decades to the 1950s. Later on in the afternoon we’re joined on stage by Britains Got Talent star singer Pippa Langhorne for Valerie by Amy Winehouse. Also some happy chap for Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison. 

Shropshire Function Band what we got up to

Watch as we get all Salop competitive with traditional style funfair games, there’s drone footage and we chat with other exhibitors. We eat some some Shropshire wedding cake supplier samples. Then we check out Shrops wedding dresses, there are guitar solo’s and we get a bit dizzy. We visit a Shropshire wedding photographer photobooth for hire to have our photos taken and eat some Indian street food. In total we took three Shrops wedding venue bookings from this wedding fair so it was a very successful (And tiring) days work for indie rock cover band Punch The Air.

Shrewsbury Function Band
Shrewsbury Function Band

Where we perform in Shropshire and whats included.

You can book indie cover band ‘Punch The Air’ as your party function band all across Shropshire including Telford and Shrewsbury. Also in Oswestry, Bishops Castle, Wellington, Church Stretton and more.  ‘Punch The Air‘ perform 2 x live performances, all PA, speakers and lighting are included in our fee. You will also receive iPad DJ services from when we are set up until midnight. So you can continue to party the night away when we’re not performing live. Late night DJ services can also be extended out past midnight for an additional fee. Book wedding entertainment in Shropshire

Shropshire wedding venues we can perform at include:

Shropshires Premier Wedding Party Function Band
Shropshires Premier Wedding Party Function Band

To book Shropshires premier wedding party function band ‘Punch The Air‘ for your wedding reception contact or call UK 07794 659405.

Function Band Shropshire
Function Band Shropshire


Birthday Party Live Band – Vlog 001

Andy from birthday party live band ‘Punch The Air‘ takes you on a journey of what we get up to preparing for, traveling to, setting up at and performing at a birthday party at Bashall Barn, Clitheroe. Let’s get our indie rock party band tunes on shall we. Contact our top rated party band to check on availability and price.

Birthday Party Live Band
Birthday Party Live Band

You’ll see the sights, the sounds and the smells as we travel up to Lancashire. Having to eat and drink on the road to make up time from getting stuck in traffic jams on the motorway. A time-lapse of us setting our gear up in this live band venue. Listen to us soundcheck, have a tour of what equipment we use. See what we get up to once we’ve set our gear up. Then watch us performing live indie rock party songs ‘Parklife’ by Blur, Sex On Fire by Kings Of Leon, Don’t Stop Me by Queen. Watch to the end of the live entertainment video and you’ll see our client Tim. He was incredibly happy with our performance. He left us a glowing review on social media.

Birthday party band ‘Punch The Air’ – More about us

‘Punch The Air’ have been on the live music scene since 2013 and we have a mass of experience handing birthday parties of any size and shape. Our repertoire is a fantastic mix of Indie Rock and pop and rock chart hits from modern days, back through the decades to the 1950’s. Everyone will know and love every single song we’ll perform live for you. Included in the price is 2 x live perfomances, all backline and front of house equipment. You also get iPad DJ services until midnight and even lighting.

Clients review of birthday party live band ‘Punch The Air’

Well, what a night .. The band were ace, enjoyed by all with lots of great comments by all my guests on my big birthday. They really made the night a massive success by performing so many great dancealong tunes. Cheers lads”. Tim Hamlet.

Contact to book ‘Punch The Air’ for your birthday party live band, wedding band or any live event call UK 07794 659405.

Birthday Party Band
Birthday Party Band ‘Punch The Air’