Yellow by Coldplay Cover

At the end of a rather good band rehearsal indie rock wedding band ‘Punch The Air’ decided set up a few cameras to record this Yellow by Coldplay cover. The video and audio had to go on the back burner for a while as we were very busy with weddings, birthdays and corporate event parties. But eventually Andy found some time to mix it all. Everything you see and hear is  played 100% live. This audio wasn’t recorded elsewhere in a studio that the band then mimed to while filming the video, it features fully live audio. This early 2000’s song is a staple in our live set and is very much loved at weddings. You too can hire an indie rock party band for a live event by contacting band leader Andy Starkey now. 

Yellow by Coldplay Cover
Yellow by Coldplay Cover

Self produced video and audio of Yellow by Coldplay Cover

Dressed in casual clothing you will see Punch The Air (not in our normal smart wedding band clothing) performing one of the most famous Coldplay singles. Yellow by Coldplay was recorded in March 2020 at Rockfield Studios, Monmouth, South Wales. It was released as a single in June 2020 and was taken from their debut album Parachutes. It reached number 4 in the UK singles chart and even went to number 1 in Iceland.

The original music video features lead singer Chris Martin walking down the sandy beach of Studland Bay in Dorset, UK. The video is one single take and the audio was sped up for Chris Martin to mime along too so that they could slow it back down later. This then gave a slow motion effect to the video. The single sleeve cover to Yellow by Coldplay features a silhouette of a dandelion in front of the sun on an orange/yellow background.

Here is how doing the speed ups/low down effect would look like if we added the live audio over the top of us miming along. Pretty interesting eh?


Yellow by Coldplay chords

Verse – B F# E
Bridge – E G#m F#

The song is actually in E A D G B Eb(D#) tuning but it’s still possible to play it without needing to retune the high E string down to E flat.

The song doesn’t really feature a chorus its just made up of a verse, bridge and another bridge.

Members of Coldplay:
  • Chris Martin – Lead vocals / Keyboard / Guitar
  • Jonny Buckland – Lead guitar
  • Guy Berryman – Bass player
  • Will Champion – Drums

B sides of Yellow.

  • Help Is Round the Corner
  • No More Keeping My Feet on the Ground

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