How to hide an Apple AirTag on an Electric Guitar

Andy Starkey from indie rock wedding band ‘Punch The Air’ has come up with a fantastic solution for hopefully locating stolen guitars using an Apple AirTag. In Andy’s video below he will quickly and easily demonstrate how to hide an Apple AirTag on an Electric Guitar.  If you or anyone you know are looking for a professional wedding band based in the UK contact for more information. Punch The Air perform huge indie hits by Coldplay, Oasis, The Killers, Blink 182, Feeder and more.

How to hide an Apple AirTag on an Electric Guitar
How to hide an Apple AirTag on an Electric Guitar

How to hide an Apple AirTag on an Electric Guitar

Nobody likes loosing their musical equipment, especially if stolen by thieves. Because until now there has been pretty much little to no way of successfully recovering stolen guitars. Below Andy will show you the best place to hide an Apple AirTag on a guitar so that it can’t be seen by thieves.

To hide an Apple Air Tag inside a guitar you will only need three things:

  • AirTag – £/$25
  • Screwdriver – From your tool kit
  • Blu-Tack (Or another brand of reusable adhesive) £/$1
  1. First of all unscrew the screws out of the scratchplate. In Andy’s case he only needed to remove the screws from around the guitars pots and input.
  2. Pull off a good blob of Blu-Tack. Roll it in your fingers for a new moments to make it more pliable. This will also warm it up to make it a little more sticky.
  3. Stick the Blu-Tack on either side of the AirTag (It doesn’t matter what side you stick it on)
  4. Place the AirTag somewhere in the cut out of the wood of the guitar body. Then give it a good firm press down so that the Blu-Tack adheres to the wood. Make sure the AirTag isn’t touching or obscuring any wires, pots, pickups or the input. 
  5. Replace the guitar scratch-plate
  6. Screw the screws back into the guitar scratchplate.
  7. Done

The chances of a thief thinking or even bothering to unscrew a pickguard to look for an Apple AirTag hidden underneath it are surely very, very low. All you need to do it open up your “Find My’ app on your Apple iPhone, iPad. Or on your iMac, Mac Book etc, click on the “Items” tab at the bottom and this will help you locate your missing guitar. Then using “Precision Finding” you should be able to get very close to your stolen instrument with any  iPhone 11 or iPhone 12 variants. The battery lasts for about one year and easily replaceable, but your iDevice should advise you when it is starting to run out. So then all you have to do is repeat the process above again.

Further thoughts on placing an Apple AirTag inside a guitar.

You may need to remove more of the scratchplate or completely remove it to find an area to secure your AirTag to. In some cases you may even need to bore out a slightly larger space/hole under your scratch plate to hold the Airtag. You could even drill the exact diameter and depth of the Air Tag. Which is 32mm x 8mm and have it fit perfectly under your pick guitar without the need to add Blu-Tack. So far Andy has experienced no interference at all from the AirTag in its current location by the input and pots of the guitar.

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