Pimhill Barn – Harmer Hill – Shrewsbury

Pimhill Barn, Harmer Hill, Shrewsbury

Pimhill Barn is a beautiful converted barn on a lovely working farm. It features wooden beams that separate three sections in the barn. It is very easy to have Punch The Air perform at the one end while tables can still be kept out at the other end for the buffet. The middle section is the entrance to the barn from the bar area. Local ales are served at the bar as well as the usual lagers and spirits.

You are able to dress the room how you want, choose your own food and select what drinks you want serving, so its a very modern and relaxed way of doing things.

It is very easy to load the bands equipment in and out of Pimhill Barn due to there being a side door near the stage area with only a couple of easy steps to climb. It is possible to park the bands vehicles for the whole of the event just the other side of this door so there is no excessive moving of heavy equipment.

The barn features no sound limiter and has just enough echo and reverb to give a great full sound without any issues of noise bouncing back off walls towards the band. The best position to place the stage area is slightly up the one corner of the barn.

We can highly recommend Pimhill Barn for your special day if you want to have either a traditional or a more modern wedding reception due to its look, sound and accessibility.

Pimhill Barn, Harmer Hill, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY4 3DY.
Phone: 01939 291310
email: events@pimhillbarn.co.uk

Wedding-Band-Performing-At-Pimhill-Barn-Harmers-Hill Pimhill-Barn-Harmers-Hill-ShrewsburyPimhill-Barn-Harmers-Hill

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