2022 Wedding Band

It’s never too early to book a 2022 wedding band for your reception and have ‘Punch The Airindie rock cover band provide you with live music on your special day. The year twenty twenty two will soon be here. So don’t delay in thinking about booking live entertainment for a wedding. Established in 2013 ‘Punch The Air‘ have built up an amazing reputation with a 100% client satisfaction record from live wedding perfomances. We know exactly how to handle all your guests, young to old. And the exact type of music they want to hear at precisely the right time throughout your evening reception at your wedding venue.

If you want a high energy band able to give you the wedding party you deserve then our wedding function band will be ideal for you.  Contact to check on price and availability to hire a wedding band in 2022.

2022 Wedding Band
2022 Wedding Band

Book a wedding band in 2022. 

It’s incredibly simple to hire a wedding band for a 2022 wedding with ‘Punch The Air‘. Just get in touch us by filling in our contact form with as much information as possible and we’ll get back to you within 72 hours (Sometimes even sooner). We’ll let you know exactly what our charges are so you can make your mind up as soon as possible. Then all we require is a 50% deposit and return of our contract and you’ll be fully booked in with us. There is zero percent chance that we will ever cancel on you. And if (On the very, very off chance) band members happen to become ill, we have a plethora of professional musicians available to fill in last minute. This is exactly what you should be expecting form a professional wedding band.

What we promise to give as your twenty twenty two wedding reception band.

There’s no other 2022 wedding band that go further to fulfil your every dream on your special day. We will make sure that the volume of our equipment is perfect for the sound of the room. While setting up you will barely hear any noise from us as we operate on a “Silent set-up” scenario. This means we don’t turn any guitar amplifiers on or hit any drums until we are completely ready to soundcheck. We will notify anyone in the room of our intentions to “Mix the room” appropriately. So they can either move to another room or simply understand better the task we are undertaking.

How relaxed an affair does this sound like to you? It’s ideal surely? Once we’re set up for your wedding we’ll provide you with background DJ music services when we are not performing live until midnight. We’ll also include lighting for the dancefloor and stage area in our price. (We don’t like to say ‘Free of charge’ like some wedding bands do as nothing is free in life is it). 

It’s time for live music.

Then sit back or rather stand up and get ready to dance. As we handle your entire nights entertainment with two live high energy performances at your wedding party. Big indie tunes from Oasis, The Killers, Stereophonics, Kings Of Leon, Blink 182 and more. Also mixed in with huge chart hits from modern day back to the 1950s. Queen, Elvis, The Beatles, The Human League, The Undertones and so much more in-between. These are all tried and tested songs we know you and all your guests already know and love. We won’t play anything too obscure, too loud, too slow or too inappropriate. Everything is going to be just perfect on your wedding day when you hire our professional group. Contact for price and availability to book a band for a wedding reception. 

Female Indie Wedding Band Pippa Langhorne

See the live video of ‘Punch The Air‘ performing with Pippa Langhorne on our previous article as an indie female wedding band. Contact for price and availability. 

How it all happened

We had no idea that Ms Langhorne was exhibiting at the same wedding fair as us. As she was across the other side of the field in a tipi tent. Towards the end of the event she wondered over to our little staged area. There, she casually watched us for a few songs. We didn’t actually know who she was at all. But Andy thought it would be fun to ask her up on stage with us anyway. Eventually we managed to coerce her onto the stage not knowing anything about her musical talents. Watch Pippa Langhorne on stage with us.

Pippa Langhorne Singer
Pippa Langhorne Singer


Female vocals

And this is what happens with ‘Punch The AirShropshire Function Band. Sometimes the most amazing things happen purely by coincidence and this was one of those days where anything could have occurred. Watch the full days Vlog of our experiences at the wedding fair at Shropshire Function Band. You can book a party band with mixed female and male vocals for your event.


More information about Pippa Langhorne.

She has been a singer and musician for many years and performs all over the world. Pippa Langhorne performs opera, rock and pop, is a Shania Twain tribute and much more. She is also a secret singing waiter. Read more about Pippa in our previous article

Female Indie wedding band

You too can book an indie wedding band with female vocals for your wedding day. Massive hits from Florence & The Machine, Joan Jett, Amy Winehouse, Girls Aloud, Tiffany and more. Powerful songs sung by a female lead singer at your wedding reception, party or corporate event. Contact now to check on price and availability. 

Female Indie Wedding Band
Female Indie Wedding Band

Professional Wedding Band

You wouldn’t trust any other part of your wedding supplier to anything but a professional would you. So of course you should book a professional wedding band to perform live music at your wedding reception too. Hire competent and experienced quality musicians ‘Punch The Airwedding entertainment on your special day. Established in 2013 with literally hundreds and hundreds of wedding performances under our belts, Andy and his wedding cover band have all you worries completely sorted. We will take care of your entire nights live music and even throw in free iPad DJ services when we’re not performing live too. Our wedding band will provide you with a full PA system and lighting too.  Contact to check on price and availability.

Professional Wedding Band
Professional Wedding Band

Book a Professional Wedding Band for your wedding reception party.

We are professionals in our trade with many years of knowledge and experience handling any type of event or situation. Some bands may fall apart the second something goes “Wrong” on stage (This is LIVE music after all) or even off stage. Not ‘Punch The Air’ indie rock wedding band. We are proficient problem solvers with the skills to keep your party going no matter what. We’ve dealt with blackouts, floods, fights, stage invasions, fires and just about anything you can think of. One way or another we’ll always make sure the party continues when its safe to do so. Plus we’ll even do our best to help get your event back on track again. 

Live indie rock and chart pop music for your wedding party by competent & experienced quality musicians 

Our wedding party band know what brides, grooms, family members and guests want to hear at weddings. So we perform a fantastic mix of indie rock and chart pop from the last 60 years. Big indie tunes by bands like The Killers, Stereophonics, Blink 182, Oasis and more. Then huge chart pop by artists such as George Ezra, Amy Winehouse, Queen, The Mavericks, The Beatles Elvis and more. Book a highly recommended wedding band with hundreds of happy previous wedding clients as your wedding reception band.

Wedding Cover Band

You want to book a wedding cover band that know how to get everyone up off their seats dancing the whole night though. Wedding function bandPunch The Airare that band and we will handle all your live entertainment (And DJ services) at your wedding reception. Massive indie rock numbers, huge chart pop numbers with all sound and lighting equipment included in the price. Book a wedding party band established in 2013 with masses of previous experience and high energy live performances to give your wedding that extra push in the evening. Contact to hire a wedding cover band and check on price and availability for wedding entertainment

Wedding Cover Band
Wedding Cover Band

Book a wedding cover band

When you book our wedding cover band live entertainment package you can be assured you’re booking a professional wedding band with a tried and highly successful track record. With over 100+ positive reviews our previous wedding client testimonials speak for themselves. A highly “Recommended wedding band” is how most people put it. Brides, grooms and wedding guests love how easy it is to book our wedding band AND how easy going musicians we are. Nothing is too much trouble for us and nothing will phase us as your wedding reception band. With many, many hundreds of wedding performances under our belts we’ve come through every type of major wedding disaster and STILL managed to perform live. Power outages, fires, floods, fights have all occurred before and we’ve always managed to keep the party going one way or another.

With our wedding reception band you’ll get…

  • Two live performances of high energy indie rock and chart pop from the 1950s through to present day (The Killers, Queen, Arctic Monkeys, George Ezra, Stereophonics, The Beatles, Oasis and more.
  • iPad DJ services when the band aren’t performing live.
  • All sound and lighting equipment.
  • No agency fees of £200+.
  • Hard Copy Contract.

Book professional musicians all over the UK.

Clients book ‘Punch The Airwedding party band for wedding receptions across the whole of the UK, not limited to:

Wedding Party Band

Hire a wedding party band like no other and have indie rock wedding bandPunch The Air‘ perform live entertainment for you and all your guests. Big indie tunes from Stereophonics, The Killers, Oasis, Kings Of Leon, Blink 182, Kaiser Chiefs, Arctic Monkeys and more. Plus fantastic very well known songs from modern day back artists through the decades. Amy Winehouse, George Ezra, The Beatles, Van Morrison, Lynyrd Skynyrd and more pop hits. Contact straight away to check on price and availability to book a wedding party band in your area.

Wedding Party Band
Wedding Party Band

Book a wedding party band established in 2013

Our wedding function band formed in 2013 and we hit the ground running. ‘Punch The Air‘ we’re an instant success with wedding couples and their guests around the UK. Clients instantly loved our high energy performances of indie rock and pop songs from the last 60 years. They love how we always get them and their guests up dancing happily along to our wedding cover band. Our choice of songs is always tailored exactly to the dancefloors requirements. If it looks like you and your guests want to hear some more older or newer tunes…..Then thats what we’ll do.

As we don’t use any backing tracks we are able to keep or switch genres on the spot and always make sure the party continues. This is unlike a lot of bands who have to keep to a strict set list because they use backing tracks. We are a fully live band and to boot a huge sounding band (But always at a reasonable volume level). There are no gimmicks going off in the background. Its just pure live music the way it should always be.

Book a party band for your wedding and you’ll receive from us:

  • All sound and lighting for your wedding.
  • Two live performances plus encores of high energetic wedding reception band music.
  • Hard copy contract.
  • No agency fees (Which can usually add 20% on top of your bill for receiving nothing more from your wedding entertainment).
  • Free iPad DJ services when the band aren’t performing live until midnight.
  • An easy going and professional set of musicians able to cope with anything thrown at us.

Professional function musicians

Punch The Air‘ are a highly recommended wedding band with hundreds of honest reviews from over the many years we have been together as a professional wedding band. Also our live wedding band has many optional extras for you to chose from such as adding a female lead singer to our line up. Also evening photographer (As usually photographers go home after the first dance missing all the fun of the night). Plus you can also hire a projector from us too, and many other extras. Watch all of our professionally shot live videos and we know you’ll decide that we are the wedding band for your special day.

All you need to do is contactPunch The Air‘ and let us know as much about your event as possible. We’ll get back to you in less than 48 hours with our price and availability.

Indie Rock Cover Band Shotgun by George Ezra

Even though indie rock cover music is our main forte and style for ‘Punch The Air‘ we also perform a number of chart hits from present back through the decades. Currently a massive crowd pleaser is Shotgun by George Ezra. Taken from the number one selling album ‘Staying at Tamara’s’ we’ve had a slight little play around with the song and made it our very own. Having given it a slight indie rock cover twist and given guests the opportunity to sing it back to us. Everyone enjoys this brilliant pop tune, all ages old to young as you will see in the George Ezra cover song live video below.

Indie Rock Cover Band Shotgun By George Ezra
Indie Rock Cover Band Shotgun By George Ezra

Indie Rock Cover Band performing songs by George Ezra

Did you know that this song is actually about the country (and continent) Australia (Homegrown alligator…South of the equator…Bikini bottoms, lager tops). It makes sense, it must be about Australia right? Singalong with us now “I’ll be riding shotgun, underneath the hot sun, feeling like a someone”. What a tune right?

We also perform the hit single Budapest by George Ezra (Nothing to do with the city in Hungary apparently) too from the massively successful Did ‘You Hear The Rain?’ album. You’ll be in paradise when you hear our uptempo version of this modern day classic petan.

Indie Rock Cover
Indie Rock Cover

Other songs performed by ‘Punch The Air’

As well as songs Mr G. Ezra himself we also perform songs by Amy Winehouse & Arctic Monkeys. Also The Killers, Kings Of Leon and One Direction. Plus of course big indie rock covers by Oasis, Stereophonics, The Fratellis, Blink 182, Blur and more from our indie repertoire. Hire a professional wedding band for your party.

Punch The Air‘ can provide you with live entertainment for your event, wedding, charity or party. Book an indie rock wedding band for your special occasion. Or hire a party band for a function. Also available to book a corporate event band. Contact to check on price and availability.

Indie Rock Wedding Band

First and foremost ‘Punch The Air‘ are an Indie Rock Wedding Band. Wedding entertainment is what we do for a good majority of work throughout the year. Hundreds of satisfied clients have booked our indie wedding band since we formed in 2013. Every single wedding party band client has been 100% satisfied with our high energy performances and professional attitude making us a hugely recommended wedding band. Imagine having all your favourite indie rock songs performed live by a professional indie rock cover band. ContactPunch The Air‘ right now to check on our availability and price.

You’ll hear amazing songs by Blink 182, Muse, The Fratellis, Stereophonics, Oasis, Arctic Monkeys, Kaiser Chiefs, The Killers, Kings Of Leon and more. Don’t worry though, we’ll throw in some amazing songs from present day back through the decades for your friends and family too. We’ll play classic tunes like Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Ever Fallen In Love, Can’t Buy Me Love, You’ve Got The Love and so much more.

Indie Rock Wedding Band
Indie Rock Wedding Band

Book an indie rock wedding band

Our well established indie rock wedding band have been rocking bride & grooms worlds for many, many years now. We know exactly how to handle weddings in any type of venue. We’ve performed in wedding venues such as Barns, Marquees, Hotels, Function rooms, Castles. Also Stately Homes, Banquet Halls, Farms, Mansions, Gardens, Restaurants, Golf Clubs and Social Clubs. We have literally played everywhere you can imagine indoors and outdoors. We’re able to tailor the volume of our performances precisely to the size and shape of your venue. Giving zero percent change of horrible feedback noises. ‘Punch The Air‘ are professionals in our field regarding sound reproduction. Meaning you will always be able to enjoy our live entertainment at a volume and tone suitable for all ears and ages.

Included in our fee are two high energy live performances with encores. Also all PA system sound and lighting for the stage area and dance-floor. Subsequently everyone will be up off their seats dancing along with you, singing their heads off to us. As well we’ll even throw in iPad DJ services until midnight and throughout the night after our indie covers band set up. Our top rated party band are a fully contained indie rock wedding band utilising the latest in sound and lighting equipment. Meaning we’ll give you the best live entertainment night of your life on your very special day with our indie covers band. Trust in a wedding reception band with the amount of experience, history and live videos as ours.

Check out all the additional extras you can order from us too

Book indie wedding bandPunch The Air‘ through the whole of the UK and beyond. You can even book us with additional female lead singer vocals. Book a Staffordshire wedding band, hire a Derbyshire wedding band, book a wedding band in Nottinghamshire. Similarly book a wedding band in Shropshire, hire a Birmingham wedding band, hire a Warwickshire wedding band or book a West Midlands wedding band. Also book a Worcestershire wedding band.

ContactPunch The Air‘ to check on our availability and price. We guarantee you will not be disappointed in our professional wedding band.

Yorkshire Wedding Band

As your Yorkshire wedding band, indie rock cover band ‘Punch The Air’ are available to book all over North Yorkshire. Also South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire and East Riding. If you want to book a Yorks indie wedding band performing songs by local heroes Pulp, Arctic Monkeys, Kaiser Chiefs, The Human League and more indie tunes. Then our indie wedding party band are for you. We’ll also throw in massive chart pop hits from George Ezra, Amy Winehouse, The Beatles and more. Contact to book a Yorkshire wedding band and check on availability and price.

Yorkshire Wedding Band
Yorkshire Wedding Band

We Bet That You’ll Look Good On The Dancefloor – Book a Yorkshire wedding band.

When you hire a wedding band ‘Punch The Air’ in Leeds, Sheffield, Bradford, Kingston upon Hull, York. Also Huddersfield, Middlesbrough, Doncaster, Rotherham, Halifax and all across Yorkshire. We’ll provide you with everything you need to have the most amazing wedding entertainment ever when you hire a wedding band in Yorkshire The band are are fully self contained. We supply PA speakers, mixing desk and even lighting for the dancefloor and stage area. We are a highly recommended wedding band by many different wedding reception venues. You’ll get two live performances and also iPad DJ services until midnight. All included in the price. Any travel expenses will also already be included in the quote we provide you with. We are the indie killers of boring live wedding bands.

There are some wonderful wedding venues in Yorkshire.

Across the Yorks counties there are some brilliant Yorkshire wedding venues for our live entertainment covers band to perform at including:

  • Oulton Hall, Leeds.
  • The Woodman Inn & Thunderbridge Gardens, Huddersfield.
  • York Marriott Hotel, York.
  • The Coniston Hotel, Skipton.
  • Goldsborough Hall, North Yorkshire.

Where we perform in neighbouring counties.

We’d love to play a part at your event. Our Yorks wedding band ‘Punch The Airfunction band are also available to hire in neighbouring counties. Hire a County Durham wedding band, book a Lincolnshire wedding reception band. Hire a wedding party band in Nottinghamshire. Also book a Derbyshire wedding band, hire a Cheshire wedding reception party band. Furthermore book a Lancashire wedding band and find an indie band in Cumbria wedding party band.

Get in touch with a Professional Wedding Band

Lastly contact our indie rock wedding band to check on availability and price.