Live Band Photography Videography

I’m Andy Starkey from indie rock cover band ‘Punch The Air’ and I’m available to hire for your live band photography videography requirements. I can photograph or film your band in any live scenario.  Maybe you need some live promotional photographs taking for your website. Or you require new images for social media or for printed media such as flyers or posters. Something that captures the bands energy and guests/crowd reactions of what your live performances really are like. Previous clients include Violet, Lichfield Gospel Choir, The Top Ten Beatles, Luna Sounds, Carnaby Beat Explosion and more. I’m based in Staffordshire but can travel anywhere across the UK wherever you require my live photography services. Contact a photographer now.

Live Band Photography Videography
Live Band Photography Videography

Live Band Photography Videography services

What type of person could be better to capture the sights and sounds of a live band than a musician? As Andy Starkey wedding singer I’ve been photographing and videoing not just my own bands (Yes, this is just about do-able on your own) but many other bands for many years. Tributes, original bands, modern day function bands and more. I’ve captured their live on stage personas and when required everyone else’s around them too.

Live Band Photographer
Live Band Photographer

Are you looking for images while performing live? Or away from the stage, out and about? I’m  able to capture any scenario including low light live gigs with quality fast lenses. I have a plethora of cameras and lenses to suit any set up be it indoors, outdoors, live or staged. Starting at 8mm fish-eye going all the way up to 300mm super zoom.

Photography Band
Photography Band

Videographer services

I works with multiple Canon DSLR cameras, lighting, monopods, gimbals and tripods. I also use drones, 360 degree cameras and various motorised sliders. All of which help to achieve unique moments and camera movements. As your live band videographer I’m also able to edit and colour grade the recorded video footage I’ve captured myself. Or I can even edit footage you have shot yourself.

Festival Live Band Photography
Festival Live Band Photography

The below video footage was shot at Light Bar, Wolverhampton for modern pop covers band Luna Sounds. It was filmed using multiple camera angles for a full on real life live experience.

Live Band Photography services

I work with both full frame and crop sensor cameras. Depending on the feel you are going I also use speedlite flashes. Or if required I’ll use very fast lenses to avoid flash photography.

Band Photography
Band Photography

Audio services

You can also hire me to record your bands live audio on my multichannel recording desk. (As well as shooting the video). I’m able to compile all the audio and video footage to provide you with a full gig recording or best of highlight promo reel within a few weeks. 

Live Band Videographer
Live Band Videographer

Pricing and contact info for Live Band Photography Videography

I’m very competitively priced but depending on how long you require me for and where the photography needs to take place means there’s no one simple easy price I can state here. So please contact me with information about your band, the venue address and what type of event it is. Also remember to include stage times and I will respond to you within 48 working hours.

Live Gallery 1

Gallery 2

Live Gallery 3

Guildhall Wedding Band Lichfield

Book Guildhall Wedding Band Lichfield group ‘Punch The Air‘ for your Staffordshire wedding reception. Have indie rock cover band ‘Punch The Air’ handle all your live entertainment at your wedding party. The Guildhall is our favourite wedding venue in Lichfield and the one we perform at the most year upon year. With ‘Punch The Air‘ actually being located in Lichfield itself (Established 2013) our wedding function band know the ins and outs of this Bore Street, Lichfield historic Grade II listed building very well. We can make your fabulous choice of wedding venue sing with our state of the art digital PA system. There will be no chance what so ever of screaming feedback and everything will sound just absolutely perfect for you and your guests. Prices start from just £999Contact to check on price and availability for live wedding entertainment from a professional wedding party band.

Guildhall Wedding Band Lichfield
Guildhall Wedding Band Lichfield

What our Guildhall Wedding Band Lichfield group provide you with.

For your wedding reception at Guildhall, Lichfield, Staffordshire we’ll provide absolutely everything needed to supply you with live entertainment. Subsequently you won’t need to hire in any external audio equipment. We’ll bring along our PA system speakers, digital mixing desk, lighting for the stage area (Its got a ‘Dais’…….or just a raised level to you and me) and dance-floor areas. We’ll give you two lots of high energy live performances, whipping you and your guests up into crazy frenzies. All this from a professional and friendly wedding function band when you hire a wedding band for the Guildhall Lichfield.

Huge indie rock wedding band tunes from The Killers, Stereophonics, Blink 182, Kings Of Leon, Oasis, Blur and more from our repertoire. Also massive chart hits from George Ezra, Queen, The Beatles, Amy Winehouse, The Monkees and more. In the daytime we can supply you with and acoustic wedding band (Or acoustic solo) services, you can hire wedding projector services, late night DJ services, evening photographer services and lots more extras.  Why not hire ‘Punch The Air‘ as a four piece with our optional female lead singer package?…….Did you know that the gothic styled Guildhall has prison cells you can tour and there used to be hangings theres too?

Having your wedding somewhere else in Lichfield, Staffordshire?

The address for Guildhall Lichfield is Bore St, Lichfield WS13 6LU, UK. It is opposite Barclays Bank nest to George IV pub. Next to Lichfield City Council Donegal House building. But are you having your Lichfield wedding somewhere else? No problem, ‘Punch The Air’ Lichfield wedding band can perform at any Lichfield wedding venue including:

Lichfield Guildhall Wedding Band
Lichfield Guildhall Wedding Band

A Recommended Wedding Band

With well over 100 independent reviews from brides, grooms, wedding guests, wedding venues and other wedding suppliers you can be assured that we are a highly recommended wedding band. Clients have been 100% happy with our live performances and services over the years. We’ve never had one bad review ever since we formed in 2013. Watch our Vlogs and videos of us performing at other clients weddings and trust in a professional wedding band with all of our previous experience and knowledge.

Lichfield wedding band, ‘Punch The Air’ are available to book throughout:

  • Lichfield
  • Shenstone
  • Curborough
  • Streethay
  • Huddlesford
  • Fradley
  • Elmhurst
  • Pipehall
  • Wall
  • Whittington
  • Boley Park
  • Chadsmead
  • Christ Church
  • Darwin Park
  • The Dimbles
  • Leomansley
  • Nether Stowe
  • Sandfields
  • Stowe
  • Trent Valley
  • Weeford
  • and surrounding areas of Lichfield and Staffordshire.

Book a wedding reception band and safely put your faith in professional musicians.

Indie Rock Cover Band

Big Indie rock fan huh? You just love music by The Killers – Stereophonics – Oasis – Arctic Monkeys – Blink 182 – Kings Of Leon…..This is what you want to hear from your Indie Rock Cover Band party right? Sure it is. ContactPunch The Air‘ right now to check on price and availability.

Indie Rock Cover Band
Indie Rock Cover Band

What other music can Indie Rock Cover Band ‘Punch The Air’ perform though?

How about we throw in a few chart classics too from Queen – George Ezra – Amy Winehouse – The Beatles just to sweeten the deal for the rest of your guests? You know it makes sense from your indie party band. We’ll give you two live performances and all sound and lighting for your party. We’ll even throw in iPad DJ services until midnight too. We are the indie killers of boring music. With hundreds of reviews under our belt you we are a top rated party band.

What type of event do you need to hire an Indie Rock Musicians for?

You can book an indie cover band ‘Punch The Air‘ to handle all your live entertainment:

What area do you need to book an indie cover band for?

An Indie Rock Covers Band who actually care about producing quality live videos

As you will probably have noticed Indie Cover Band ‘Punch The Air‘ spend a lot of time producing live photos and shooting live videos of our performances. We also shoot Vlog style videos of our experiences travelling throughout the country so we can prove to you on a very regular basis what we are up to. We also write regular Blogs advising you on anything new thats been occurring. Also new options we are able to provide you with such as wedding projector hire, late night photographer, custom logo projector gobos, late night DJ services and so much more.

With ‘Punch The Air‘ you can book live entertainment for any type of event.

Contact or call ‘Punch The Air‘ on 07794 659405.

Live Wedding Band Hire
Live Wedding Band Hire

Lichfield Wedding Band

Are you looking for a three piece guitar driven indie rock wedding band and also a chart pop Lichfield wedding band? Are you getting married or having your wedding reception in Lichfield, Shenstone, Streethay? Also Whittington, Fradley, Hammerwich, Weeford or the surrounding nearby Staffordshire areas? Then Lichfield wedding entertainment band ‘Punch The Air‘ are the wedding band for you. Contact immediately to check on our availability. Our prices start from just £999 when you hire a wedding band in Lichfield.

Lichfield Wedding Band
Lichfield Wedding Band

Are you having your wedding reception at any of the following venues?

Lichfield wedding band ‘Punch The Air‘ will be the perfect accompaniment to your special day.  We’re located right in the heart of Lichfield. So theres absolutely no way we’d miss turning up to your wedding reception under any circumstances (We’ve actually never cancelled a performance for any reason in the many years we’ve been together). Our indie rock cover band are always prompt and agreeable. There is nothing we can’t handle or problem solve at your Staffs wedding venue. We are the perfect wedding reception band you need to hire for your amazing and unique wedding.

What sort of wedding band are ‘Punch The Air’?

Punch The Air‘ indie band are a professional guitar lead three piece Lichfield wedding band with many years experience in live entertainment. A wedding party band you can trust to get all your guests up and dancing. We’ve been wowing guests at weddings since 2013 with our performances of massive Indie Rock & singalong / dance-along chart pop hits from all eras by:

  • Indie Rock like The Killers, Kings Of Leon, Blink 182, Stereophonics, Oasis, Arctic Monkeys and more.
  • Modern day artists like George Ezra, One Direction, Florence + The Machine, Amy Winehouse.
  • 1990s big shots like Oasis, Blur, Alanis Morissette and Chesney Hawkes.
  • 1980s colourful characters like Rick Astley, Joan Jett and Tiffany.
  • 1970s rock stars like Queen, The Undertones and Lynyrd Skynyrd.
  • 1960s style icons like The Beatles, Van Morrison and The Kinks.
  • 1950s blues guys who set it all in motion like Elvis & Chuck Berry.

Having performed at hundreds of weddings over many years we firmly believe that the best type of live music for your wedding is a wide range of Indie Rock  and also pop music from the last 60 years. This way everyone can enjoy your entire wedding reception with a little bit of something to please everyone. If you check our repertoire we believe you will already know and love every single song there. Surely this is the kind of band and wedding you’ve always dreamed of?

Wedding Lichfield Band
Wedding Lichfield Band

How much does it cost to hire ‘Punch The Air’ in Lichfield?

Being Lichfield based we can offer you our local and very competitive price starting from £999. There will be no additional fuel, travel or any overnight accommodation costs involved as we live in Lichfield. Every Staffs wedding is different and so prices can vary every so slightly depending on what time you need us from/until. Also depending on what extra services you require from us. Just simply fill in the form below or email us telling us as much about your Lichfield wedding schedule as possible. Then we’ll let your know our availability.

As Lichfield is our home town, band leader Andy Starkey can even meet you face to face for a coffee if you like. He can discuss all of your Lichfield wedding needs with you and offer you advice on other wedding companies and wedding services.

Are you getting married at any of these Lichfield churches? 

  • Wade Street Church
  • Holy Cross Parish Church
  • Church Of St Chad
  • St Michaels Church
  • Lichfield Methodist
  • St Marys Church

What do I get for my money when I book ‘Punch The Air’ for my Lichfield wedding?

  • Massive singalong/dancealong hits from Indie Rock & the last 60 years.
  • Live performances 2 x 45 minutes of live, upbeat & high-octane performances (Plus encores).
  • Professional, ‘Hard Copy’ Contract
  • A professional experience from a skilled Lichfield based wedding band from the start of your initial contact right through to when your event ends.
  • State of the art high end PA system, sound desk and lighting rig.
  • DJ services before, inbetweeen and after live performances so you can continue to dance the night away.
  • Public liability insurance and PAT certification.
  • A very competitive price that you’ll be hard to beat.

Why should I book ‘Punch the Air’ over any other Lichfield wedding band?

We spend a lot of time filming and editing real live videos and Vlogs to prove to potential clients what we’re like live. These videos really are 100% live with nothing but live video and live audio recorded from our state of the art digital mixing desk. These are from actual weddings with bride, groom and guests honest reactions to our thrilling live performances. We’re not trying to pull the wool over your eyes like most wedding bands do with studio recorded audio which has then been mimed to afterwards in a music video. This is exactly what we are like live on the night in a wedding scenario performing to real audiences.

Live pubic performances.

Sometimes we have local public performances booked in the diary. This is specifically so you can see what we’re all about live if you cant already tell from our videos. See when our next free entry public performance is.

What else can can our Lichfield party band offer you on your special day?

We can also offer you the following great wedding options for additional fees:

Wedding Band Lichfield
Wedding Band Lichfield

Testimonial from above Lichfield wedding by Dave & Claire Perry

Wedding Lichfield
Wedding Lichfield Testimonial

Real reviews for your Lichfield wedding band.

Our 100+ reviews speak from previous Staffordshire function band clients speak for themselves. They prove that we’re a really fun and professional Lichfield wedding band, giving everyone what they want all night long….. To be on the dancefloor happily singing and dancing along with us. 

Our favourite Lichfield wedding venue.

If we had to pick a favourite venue for a Lichfield wedding band (and it is tough as there are so many great ones) it would have to be Lichfield Guildhall on Bore Street. As you will see from the images on this page of the many times we’ve performed there live it has the most amazing interior and exterior decor. Our wedding cover band love the raised stage area for ‘Punch The Air‘ to perform on with is easy parking and access. This way we can swiftly load in and out without disturbing you and your guests too much.

There is plenty of room on stage for the our Lichfield party band gear and for us to move around on as we perform live for you and your guests. With dancefloor space right in front of the stage and a bar right at the back of the room all your guests have everything they need to enjoy the whole night in one room. The live sound in Lichfield Guildhall is one of the best in the UK due to its size and dimensions.


Lichfield Wedding Band contact form:

    Are you having problems with the above form? If so you can email Lichfield wedding band ‘Punch The Air’ for a quote or call UK 07794 659405.

    ‘Punch The Air’ – Your Litchfield wedding band?

    Lichfield is NOT spelled with a T, so is not to be mistaken for Litchfield, Hampshire. An area of the South East of England near Basingstoke,  Reading and Whitchurch which we can also perform in.